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Dallas Cowboys players and fans are cheap shot artists

Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

There's often a lot of (dumb) talk about how Philadelphia Eagles fans are "classless" and dirty. On Sunday night, however, it was the Dallas Cowboys and their fans who were the cheap shot artists. Take this play from none other than Greg Hardy, who shouldn't even be allowed to play, as an example.

As you can see, Hardy pushes down Eagles offensive lineman Matt Tobin for seemingly no reason. The extra point attempt was clearly over and Tobin wasn't even looking at him. Again, Hardy is a man whom Jerry Jones insists is a "real leader" on his Cowboys team.

The cheap shots in Dallas weren't just limited to the players. Here's video of a Cowboys fan punching an Eagles fan right in the face and knocking him out (hat tip to The Big Lead).

Further, a number of Cowboys fans were sore losers after the Eagles won. I guess it's hard to completely blame Dallas for being so frustrated. The Cowboys have lost six games in a row and their season is virtually over at 2-6.

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