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Delusional Cowboys fans wrongly think the Eagles called "heads" on the coin toss before overtime

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I can't even believe how stupid this is. Some Dallas Cowboys fans are actually complaining that the Philadelphia Eagles did not actually win the coin toss before overtime on Sunday night. See for yourselves:

I honestly don't know how anyone is hearing "heads" in those clips. Here's what REALLY happened, in order:

1) Ed Hochuli points at Chris Maragos, signaling for the call.

2) Chris Maragos says "tails."

3) Hochuli confirms the call as "tails."

4) While the coin is still in the air, the official to Hochuli's left points at Maragos to confirm the call.

5) Maragos confirms the call by saying "tails" again.

6) Hochuli reveals "tails" is the winner.

It's that simple, folks. Maragos even confirmed it himself on Twitter:

Ultimately, whether you hear "heads" or "tails" is irrelevant. The reality is the Eagles won the toss and then proceeded to win the game. The Cowboys' season is now essentially over. Dallas is 2-6 and no team with that record has ever made the NFL playoffs.