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Eagles and Redskins improve by doing nothing, this is your NFC East

I hear the bye week is nice this time of year.

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The NFC East is trash. It's so bad that not playing football was the best thing to happen to multiple teams this week.

New York Giants (4-4)

Last week: Eli Manning is going to go to the Hall of Fame for winning two Super Bowls in New York, but he's never really had an iconic game. He once threw for over 500 yards, but also threw three interceptions in that game. He had a perfect passer rating once, but it was on 10 attempts in a cakewalk. He's played 186 games and there hasn't really been a "trademark Eli Manning game." He's had highly memorable moments, but not games. A game that singularly encapsulates a player. All the greats have them. Joe Montana had Super Bowl XXIII, Peyton Manning the 2006 AFC Championship Game, Brett Farve his 4 touchdown game shortly after losing his father, and who can forget Joe Webb's record-shattering Tuesday Night Football performance. But Eli hasn't had a 60 minute performance that you'll never forget.

That changed on Sunday. It was a fitting performance on so many levels. Returning to his hometown of New Orleans to face his father's former team, Manning had one of the greatest passing games in Giants history. Manning threw for an incredible 6 touchdowns, and threw no interceptions. He led his team to 49 points, on the road. A truly stunning performance.

The Giants lost.

This week: Visit the Buccaneers, who blew a 24 point lead two weeks ago and a 17 point lead last week. Team that has the ball last in this game loses.

Tweets of the Week: Game recap is basically:

Washington Redskins (3-4)

Last week: The Redskins were on their bye, and somehow, someway, they didn't make any crazy news. Nobody did anything like have a bizarre home invasion that leaves more questions than answers, or be accused by their wife of sleeping with a reporter. Kurt Cousins made a shirt about being fired up beating the Buccaneers, but proceeds go to charity, which is nice to do.

No way that shirt will look bad later this season. The worst a Redskin did was Pierre Garcon sued FanDuel because they "knowingly and improperly exploits the popularity and performance of Garcon, along with all the other National Football League ("NFL") players at offensive skilled positions without their authority" which is funny because:

Looks like he give them his authority to me. All in all, it was a calm week, even by non-Redskins standards. The Nationals were the bigger joke this week.

Oh no wait, hold on. Just when it looked all clear....

Washington NFL team defends name under precedent set by DICK BALLS and LAUGHING MY VAGINA OFF

Never change Dan Snyder. Never change.

This week: The Redskins will get stomped in New England and things will return to normal and people will find a way to fault RGIII for it.

Tweet of the Week: Never change Dan Snyder. Never change.

Philadelphia Eagles (3-4)

Last week: The Eagles were also on their bye, which means it was a good week for them too. Half the division didn't play and it was the best thing to happen to them. This is the state of the NFC East. It's awful. The good news is that Sam Bradford didn't throw an interception, nobody dropped any passes, no running back lost yardage on a carry, no offensive lineman blew a blocking assignment, and the defense didn't give up a 1st down on 3rd and 17, though Caleb Sturgis probably missed a kick in his backyard.

This week: Visit the Cowboys, what could possibly go wrong?

Tweets of the Week:

Dallas Cowboys (2-5)

Last week: Dez Bryant returned, Matt Cassel threw for more yards than Aaron Rodgers, the Cowboys scored four times, their defense gave up only 13 points and the Cowboys lost. Dallas running backs averaged 3.3 yards per carry and Cassel averaged 3.9 yards per attempt, which meant the offense continuously stalled and managed to only kick field goals and Jason Garrett clapped the whole time.

At the end of the first half Ricardo Lockette was knocked out by an illegal hit from Cowboys safety Jeff Heath, and that's when it got ugly. Bryant was caught on video saying "that's what he fucking gets" to someone on the Seahawks while Lockette was unconscious on the field, it was a very scary scene.

Despite the video clearly showing that he said that, Bryant, in a since deleted tweet, denied he ever said that, then told reporters, who the NFL gives permission to be in the locker room after games, to leave after they questioned him about it. Let's go to the video just to be sure, because sometimes reporters get things wrong.

Yeah, he said it. Another outstanding example of the culture they're building in Dallas.

Great leadership by the Jedi Master.

He said after the game he was upset because he felt Cowboys coach Jason Garrett should've came out to see if Lockette was OK.

"I know our coach would've did the same thing, so I thought that was a classless play by him," Bennett said of Garrett. "That's super scary because at the end of the day you guys talk about this or talk about that but at the end of the day it's just a game. I don't think people realize that. You guys take it a little bit too far. This guy has three kids."

Nothing says leadership and culture building than releasing a player in a time of need, but here we are, the Cowboys released Joseph Randle after he had some mental health issues and is on the verge of being suspended. Great work as always by the Cowboys. There's a lot of crow meat left on the bone though.

This week: Host the Eagles. Should be fun?

Tweets of the Week: Get your popcorn ready.

(Spoiler: Darren McFadden did.)

Throwback edition:

And, fin:

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