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Former Eagles general manager Howie Roseman is reportedly drawing interest around the NFL

Uh, OK.

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There's been a lot of talk recently about how former Eagles Howie Roseman could be back on the rise in Philadelphia now that Chip Kelly is struggling. On Sunday, Mike Florio discussed the potential reemergence of Roseman. Now NFL insider Mike Garafolo is reporting Roseman could draw interest not only in Philadelphia but around the league as well:

It's fair to wonder whether the Eagles are worse off as an organization now that Kelly has final say on personnel. From the Sam Bradford trade to the signing of DeMarco Murray and Byron Maxwell, many of Kelly's moves have flopped. And considering the team was in much better standing when Roseman was in charge, that only makes the former GM look better.

And not just inside the Eagles' building. There's talk around the league Roseman could draw interest elsewhere, depending on which positions open. That's because, from the outside, other owners are seeing the mess Kelly is overseeing right now and realizing Roseman was doing a fine job as GM. And let's not forget how many teams wanted a shot at Kelly for a few years but that Roseman and owner Jeff Lurie were able to nab him.

Sure, it backfired for Roseman because Kelly staged a coup after only two years, but he was one of the biggest coaching hires in recent history. It even took patience and some finesse because Kelly initially balked, perhaps in part because he wouldn't have full control over personnel. (Not yet, anyway.)

Depending on how the Eagles' final month-plus plays out, this could be a delicate situation for Lurie. Since he bought the team in 1994, there have been a number of front-office shuffles that resulted in veteran decision-makers getting fired. Yet, Roseman survived, albeit in a marginalized role. There's a reason for that -- Lurie has a tremendous relationship with Roseman and wanted him as a safety net in case Kelly the GM failed.

If other clubs come calling for Roseman, Lurie might have to decide whether to stay patient with Kelly or make a quick move so he doesn't lose Roseman.

If you ask me, I think the assessment of Roseman here is awfully favorable to the Eagles' former general manager. The truth is Roseman essentially got demoted earlier this offseason. He wasn't good enough at his job to hold onto it. I'm really not sure how firing Kelly and putting Roseman back in charge is the solution. One might be able to argue Roseman was a better GM than Kelly, but that doesn't mean the former was good enough.

With Kelly potentially on the hot seat as a head coach and/or general manager, this situation is certainly worth monitoring.

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