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Eagles News: Chip Kelly got emotional after Philadelphia's loss to the Lions

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 11/30/15.

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Let's get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

Impact of Adversity - Iggles Blitz
Part of the problem with this team is the weight of expectations. The team looked great in the summer and the preseason which built up a ton of hype. Byron Maxwell, DeMarco Murray and Sam Bradford are dealing with the expectations that costly investments bring. All 3 are getting big money and Bradford cost draft picks as well. That puts a ton of pressure on them. Clearly this team has not handled pressure well. Those players have not handled pressure well. All of this is now starting to affect Chip. I heard that Chip was emotional after Thursday’s loss. That isn’t normal for him.

Who was the Eagles' biggest offseason loss? You might be surprised -
No, the man the Eagles sent away on New Year's Eve day may have been the worst decision the team made and also might have kept some of those other guys around. If Chip Kelly, being in charge of the personnel department was going to gamble, then the man he needed around was, well, Tom Gamble. And if not Gamble, the man he hand-picked when he arrived in 2013 to keep control of the front office decisions, then someone like him.

Fan-Demonium: A Weekend Of Reflection -
The 2015 season has not gone the way anyone hoped. Thursday's ugly loss to the Lions puts even more pressure on the players and head coach Chip Kelly. Critics are out in full force. There is frustration with players, assistant coaches and Chip Kelly. No one is above blame after the last two losses. Some of this is a knee-jerk reaction, but after consecutive blowouts in games the Eagles needed to win, I think it is fair to ask some tough questions. Clearly something isn't right. Figuring out what that is and fixing it is the challenge. How much of this is coaching or talent or scheme or chemistry? All areas need to be examined carefully.

10 conclusions from this disastrous Eagles season - Inquirer
he Eagles season hasn't officially concluded, but that doesn't mean conclusions haven't been reached yet. In fact, quite a few have. It wasn't that many seasons ago, as Jeff Lurie fashioned an exit strategy for the Andy Reid era, that the owner dismissed brief late-season success as "fool's gold." Even if the Eagles somehow show an unexpected pulse in their remaining five games, the 2015 season is a failure on a grand scale. There is no getting away from the fact that Chip Kelly's third season was not just a step back but a repudiation of his entire methodology of team-building. Here are 10 conclusions that won't change, regardless of what comes next.

Roob's 25 Random Points: Chip Kelly, Philly airport and more - CSN Philly
Before Thursday, I couldn’t imagine any scenario where Kelly wasn’t back next year. But what the Eagles did in the span of five days is simply unprecedented. They became the first NFL team in 47 years to lose back-to-back games to teams with losing records by 28 or more points. They became the second team in NFL history to allow five touchdown passes in consecutive games. They became the first Eagles team to give up 45 points back-to-back. It’s no longer whether Kelly can do anything to get himself fired. It’s now, can he do anything to save his job?

The Giants blew their division lead in a spectacularly dumb ending against Washington - SB Nation
No one wants first place in the NFC East, apparently.

Eagles and NRG are working together to give away tickets, prize packs, and more
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