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Philadelphia Eagles have some of the drunkest fans in the NFL


It's no secret that Philadelphia Eagles fans like to drink. And after a disappointing 3-4 start to this 2015 season, who can really blame them? It turns out that the Eagles actually have some of the drunkest fans in the NFL, according to a study from VinePair:

As you can see, the Eagles rank third overall, just behind the Buffalo Bills (No. 1) and the Detroit Lions (No. 2). Both of those cities have obviously had to deal with depressing football teams in recent history, especially with the Lions currently being the worst team in the NFL.

Here's how VinePair determined the sobriety of each fan base:

We reached out to the folks at BACtrack — who make personal smartphone-linked breathalyzers — to investigate. They crunched the data over the first seven weeks of the 2015 NFL season (Sundays only) and the results are in.

Something tells me the Eagles have a chance to move into first place if Philly loses to the Cowboys this weekend.

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