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Ken Whisenhunt fired by Titans, which opens up speculation about Chip Kelly to Tennessee


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Ken Whisenhunt was fired by the Tennessee Titans on Tueday morning. It was a move long overdue. The Titans were 3-20 since he took over the team. Tennessee is replacing Whisenhunt with Mike Mularkey as the team's interim head coach. But who will the Titans hire to be their next full time head coach?

You won't believe this, but there's already speculation that it might be Chip Kelly. Note: this isn't anything sourced or factual, just speculation. Because that's the world we live in. From ProFootballTalk:

Still, Kelly surely is fascinated by the prospect of reuniting with Mariota in a division that’s currently even worse than the one Kelly is in. And the key to Kelly succeeding over the long haul in the NFL could be hitching his wagon to the guy he recruited to Oregon.

The connection between Kelly and Mariota is reason enough for the Titans to be interested. Any other coach would say all the right things about wanting Mariota as his quarterback during the interview process, but once on the job it’s possible that coach would set in motion a plan aimed at getting his own guy.

Now, this speculation is very premature and, quite frankly, dumb. Kelly is under contract with the Eagles through 2017. He can't just leave to go coach another NFL team. And despite a disappointing start to the 2015 season, the Eagles are still very much alive in the NFC East at 3-4. It's too early to say Kelly is on the hot seat just yet. It's not impossible that the Eagles could trade Kelly (or would it be Kelly trading himself?), but, come on. Coaching trades are rare in the NFL.

Eagles fans have had to deal with a lot of annoying speculation about Kelly leaving Philadelphia ever since he was hired. Usually Kelly is erroneously linked to college programs, such as USC last month. Now the speculation involves an NFL team, which is even more silly.

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