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Eagles News: Philadelphia's defense has gone from a strength to being historically awful

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 11/27/15.

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Let's get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

Eagles' D historically bad again in 'disgusting' loss to Lions - CSN Philly
The Eagles made plenty of history on Thanksgiving afternoon in a 45-14 loss to the Lions. None of it was good. The Eagles have now given up 45 points in back-to-back games for the first time in franchise history. They’re the second team in the modern era (since 1970) to give up five passing touchdowns in back-to-back weeks (joining the 2014 Bears). They’re just the fifth team in the modern era to give up 45-plus points and 430-plus yards in consecutive games. In other words, the Eagles’ defense, which was the strength of the team early in the season, has become its biggest liability.

Defense rests for Eagles - Daily News
Bill Davis has spent three years trying to build a competitive defense, only to watch it implode twice in the last five days. For the second game in a row, a quarterback threw five touchdowns passes against the Eagles. For the second game in a row, the Eagles gave up 45 points. Neither of those two things ever has happened in the 83 seasons in franchise history. That it has happened now, just when Davis thought the pieces finally were starting to fall together with his unit, has left him as dumbfounded as he's ever been in his career.

Chip Kelly's 'culture' never really existed - PhillyVoice
Unfortunately, Kelly likely realizes that he asks his players to buy in on a hell of a lot more than other coaches around the league. Faster-paced practices, far fewer days of rest, and pressure to adhere to other sports science measures like sleep monitoring are just a few examples of that. And so, Kelly's emphasis on players who will buy in is really more of a necessity than it is some kind of innovation. Unfortunately, it's also unrealistic. If this were the NBA, a few star players with high character can keep a 12-man roster in line. In the NFL, you are never going to get anywhere near 53 players to buy in to your approach, unless of course you're winning, which obviously, the Eagles are not.

Doubling Down on Disaster - Iggles Blitz
The next 5 weeks will determine the future of Chip Kelly and this coaching staff. No one is getting fired 11 games into the season. That doesn’t accomplish anything. After 2 horrible performances in games the Eagles needed to win, Chip’s future becomes highly in doubt. I have been a big supporter of Chip’s since before he was hired. But games like the last 2 weeks can’t be ignored. I don’t think Chip is done for sure, but I think he’s now on shaky ground. More games like this and he will be out of a job. If the team is either so-so or plays well, Jeff Lurie will have a decision to make. Does he end it or give Chip another year?

Chip Kelly the coach isn't the problem for Eagles - ESPN
Kelly used the credibility he had earned as a coach to justify making a series of big bets on his personnel decisions. It looks, months later, like those bets haven't panned out. It seems like a classic case of the Peter Principle, in which a person is promoted to the level at which they fail after succeeding previously. That's not uncommon in football, and it shouldn't invalidate what success Kelly achieved as a coach. Think about Dick LeBeau, who was a great defensive coordinator before failing miserably as Cincinnati's head coach. He was fired and eventually made his way back to Pittsburgh, where he was again a wonderful defensive coordinator. Wade Phillips, Rod Marinelli and Norv Turner are similar examples. Struggling as a general manager shouldn't prevent Kelly from serving as an above-average coach.

Kelce: ‘We’re Going To Find Out the Cowards’ - Birds 24/7
Jason Kelce‘s left knee was swollen nearly twice its original size, the upper half of his leg black and blue from the strain. Inflammation of the bursa near his knee joint pushed against a nerve, causing pain to the point where he was having difficulty walking leading up to the game. But he played, and stayed in there the whole, disastrous game against the Lions. Asked if that’s as good of proof as any that he is still fighting and fighting for Chip Kelly, he responded, "I guess."

Chip Kelly will be back as head coach of Eagles next season, says Billy Davis -
His own job very well might be on the line -- but that doesn't mean his boss' job is.  Speaking after a 45-14 loss to the Detroit Lions, the second disastrous performance from the Eagles in as many weeks, defensive coordinator Billy Davis said there is no doubt in his mind head coach Chip Kelly is committed to staying in Philadelphia.  "Chip isn't going anywhere," Davis said. "Nope. I promise you that." Davis, who has been with Kelly since the head coach came to Philadelphia in 2013, did not hold back in his confidence Kelly would be here not only the rest of the season, but next year as well.  "Absolutely," Davis said on if Kelly was committed despite the team falling to 4-7. "Not kind of committed. All-in committed. I know it. He is a fighter. He don't run."

One Year Later, Eagles' Picture Different -
One year ago, the picture was a bright one for Chip Kelly and the Philadelphia Eagles, dramatically different from today’s view after the Eagles absorbed a 45-14 loss to Detroit on Thursday. Thanksgiving Day, 2015. A high point in the Kelly Era as his Eagles shot past Dallas 33-10 ...

Watch Lane Johnson Give Up On This Play - Crossing Broad
Actually, it wasn’t just Lane. Pretty much all of the linemen gave up on their assignments. These cats, they don’t care.

Animal rights activists storm the field during Lions-Eagles game - SB Nation
In the final two minutes of the Eagles-Lions game, a couple protesters ran onto the field, immediately after the Lions snapped the ball. For the sake of everyone's safety, the game was on hold while security tried to get them off the field. The cameras did not have a good glimpse of the banner they were holding. But apparently, it was to promote an end to animal cruelty:

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