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Eagles vs. Lions 2015: Game Predictions

It's Eagles-Lions game day. Who are you taking to win?

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Philadelphia Eagles versus Detroit Lions game day is here. The Birds are playing away at Ford Field on Thanksgiving. Mark Sanchez is reportedly set to start at quarterback.

The Eagles are coming off an awful loss to the Buccaneers. The Birds looked downright terrible against Tampa Bay. The offense was too stagnant. Sanchez turned the ball over three times. Philadelphia's defense completely collapsed despite being so solid for most of the year.

The ugly loss provided a lot of fuel to the raging fire against Chip Kelly. The Eagles' head coach is not a very popular man in Philadelphia right now. Expectations were high heading into this season and people are rightfully disappointed in Kelly's performance as both a general manager and a coach.

Kelly has an opportunity to quiet his doubters by going out and beating the Lions today on Thanksgiving. A win puts the Eagles at 5-6 and keeps their hopes alive in a weak NFC East. A loss, on the other hand, would drop the Birds to 4-7 and effectively end their season. The Eagles play the Patriots in New England during Week 13 so they are staring 4-8 in the face if they can't beat the Lions today.

The bad news for the Eagles is that the Lions have been able to play well enough to win their last two games. Detroit beat the Packers in Green Bay, which is obviously impressive, before coming back home to beat the Raiders in Week 11. The Lions are showing a lot more fight than the Eagles have in the past two weeks.

It's hard to feel good about the Eagles at this point in the season. It's difficult to have any kind of confidence in this team. So now go watch them win because the NFL is weird and things don't make sense. But probably not.

Happy Thanksgiving.


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Score prediction: 20-12, Eagles lose.
Bold prediction: Miles Austin catches a touchdown pass in garbage time.

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