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Eagles News: Former Oregon Ducks player rips Chip Kelly

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 11/26/15.

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Let's get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

5 over/unders for Eagles vs. Lions - PhillyVoice
Over their last four games, it's been feast or famine for the Eagles front seven. Against the Dolphins and Cowboys, the defense combined for eight sacks (four in each game), but against the Panthers and Bucs, they were only able to manage one sack in each game. Both of those last two teams have big, more mobile quarterbacks than tradition pocket passers, which is what the Eagles will face in Lions QB Matthew Stafford. On the season, the Eagles are averaging about two and a half sacks each game (24 in 10 games). Stafford, meanwhile, has been sacked 26 times this year, 17 of which came in his last four games. Actually, it was only three of the their last three games.

Big Picture Questions - Iggles Blitz
My take? He’s not going anywhere. Let’s talk about the college angle, since a lot of people seem to think he’s tired of the NFL and will jump right back to the safety of Saturday football. Not gonna happen. Chip hates boosters. Hated dealing with them at Oregon, which has pretty tame boosters compared to most football factories. LSU is seriously considering firing Les Miles, the most successful coach in school history. His sin, he’s not Nick Saban. The boosters don’t care Miles has won a national title for them. They don’t care that he averages 10 wins a year. The team has been up and down the last couple of years and they want more titles. Now.

Chip Kelly Update: Wailing and Gnashing of Teeth - Fishduck
But ultimately, there are only two people whose opinions matter. Chip Kelly, and owner Jeffrey Lurie. Lurie kept Andy Reid as coach for 13 (admittedly very successful) years. He’s not a quick trigger guy. As for Chip, he’s pretty steady himself, but he has never faced this type of sustained failure before, and it’s fair to wonder how it’s affecting him. He was the offensive coordinator on a lot of U. New Hampshire teams with losing records, but his offense was setting records so the criticism was never aimed at him.

Does Chip Kelly really believe what Chip Kelly says? - CSN Philly
If we’re being honest about the way the media sausage is made, those questions are mashed together and served up each week in an attempt to get Kelly to choke on his words. If he says the Eagles don’t have enough talent, it’s an admission by Chip the general manager that he screwed up. If he says they do have enough talent – which is the course he’s chosen each and every time to date – it’s a tacit shot by Chip the coach at his players, a group he routinely says needs to execute better. Either way, we can go off and write and jabber about the reply. Standard operating procedure. Except this week, after arguably the worst home loss in a long while, Kelly modified his position. In a bizarre and comical exchange with Howard Eskin, Kelly said he hadn’t considered making any changes to the personnel. Again, standard operating procedure. But in the end, before he walked off and ended the news conference that day, Kelly picked an odd time to string together some odd sentences.

Chip Kelly's parade of mistakes - Inquirer
One of the larger oversights was Chip Kelly's failure to put a franchise-quality quarterback on the roster by his third season. If you can't recognize the need for an elite quarterback in the NFL, how are you ever going to deal with the Big Head Corps? Kelly could perhaps be forgiven for hoping Sam Bradford - Heisman Trophy winner in college, ACL Trophy winner in the pros - could stay healthy enough to be an effective stopgap until he finds a young, mobile quarterback to fit his system. But Bradford was healthy for the first eight games and still inconsistent. Now, he's out (we think) for a second game and the Eagles offense is held hostage by the wild imaginings of Mark Sanchez.

Suckers keep betting on Eagles, so Vegas keeps making them favorites -
If this sounds familiar, it's because we saw something similar in 2011—otherwise known as the year of the 'Dream Team' Eagles. As that group fell from Super Bowl expectations to 8-8, everyone realized how bad that particular team was except Vegas odds-makers. In 13 of 16 games in 2011, the Eagles were favored, including the first nine.

Graham's Long Road Back To Detroit -
Brandon Graham certainly hasn’t had an easy path to the NFL. Even his journey as an Eagle has been filled with ups and downs. But, beating the odds and emerging on top is something the linebacker has done his entire life, beginning with his upbringing in Detroit. "For me growing up, my neighborhood was pretty rough," Graham explained. "There were a lot of kids in my neighborhood so there were a lot of different things I could have gotten into, but the majority of the kids there played sports. That kind of helped me out. My grandma (Linda Graham) lived next to an open lot. There used to be a house there, but they knocked it down. It became a lot that she ended up buying.

Eagles LB Connor Barwin wants to help rebuild his hometown Detroit - ESPN
"I think there’s a lot to be excited about obviously in Detroit," Barwin said. "A lot of really interesting things happening. But it’s still a little strange for me when I go back just seeing sometimes some parts of the city and how quiet it is when you walk around. "It wasn’t exactly like that when I grew up 15 years ago. It’s still great to get back and I’m excited about where the city is going." He’s hoping to be part of that change as well. Barwin, who grew up in Hazel Park, Michigan, expressed interest Tuesday in making some investments in the city he grew up in and still returns to at times during NFL offseasons. On Friday, the day after his Philadelphia Eagles play the Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving, he plans to stay in Detroit to tour a couple of projects with a group spearheaded by billionaire Dan Gilbert.

Brett Favre, Kurt Warner headline 2016 Hall of Fame semifinalists - SB Nation
Brett Favre, Terrell Owens and Alan Faneca are the only three semifinalists in their first year of Hall of Fame eligibility.

Eagles and NRG are working together to give away tickets, prize packs, and more
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