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Eagles News: NFL agent says Chip Kelly has lost the support of his players

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 11/25/15.

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Let's get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

Agent for Eagles' starter: Chip Kelly has lost the team -
In the midst of a season that appears to be unraveling, Eagles players say they still support head coach Chip Kelly, but an agent for a starting player told NJ Advance Media on Tuesday that Kelly, in fact, has lost the loyalty of his players.  "Chip Kelly has lost the team," said the agent, who requested anonymity because of fear of retribution against his client. "Between the losses and his bull[bleep] methods that aren't working, I can tell you that the players have tuned him out." The agent also raised the possibility that at least one player was using an injury to stay off the field, because "he won't play hurt for Chip." The player, he said, could play with the injury but has chosen to stay on the sideline.

Lane Johnson Says He ‘Really Doesn’t Know’ If Chip Kelly Will Return To Eagles - CBS Philly
Josh Innes asked Johnson what he felt about whether or not Chip Kelly would be back next season if the Eagles’ woes continued. "You know, I really don’t know about that. It’s tough to say. I think we did some good things the first two years. Ultimately, we made the playoffs the first year, didn’t make a playoff run, you know we lost to the Saints, but I think there’s been a lot of good done here. I just think this year’s been really tough for us and I’m not sure what the best move is moving forward, but you never know what’s going to happen."

Seth Joyner on DeMarco Murray's slide: 'You freakin coward' - CSN Philly
Not since Michael Vick's days in Philadelphia has an Eagle's decision to slide (or try to) become such a story. Former Eagles linebacker Seth Joyner weighed in Tuesday morning. Joyner was more than a little surprised when he saw DeMarco Murray slide instead of turning the corner in the Eagles' loss to Miami two Sundays ago. "No, it doesn't happen," Joyner said on Comcast SportsNet's Breakfast on Broad. "Unless you're at the end of the half or the end of the game and you're trying to run the clock out, that is uncalled for, OK? The first thing that came to my mind was, 'You freakin' coward.' That's the first thing that came to my mind. You coward. How do you lay down? I can understand if it was a defensive lineman. You want to try to preserve yourself. But you've got defensive backs over there on that sideline. He laid down."

Eagles Wake-Up Call: Slow Down, Chip - Birds 24/7
"You can go in and talk to him," said Johnson. "It's not like he's a tyrant or anything like that. When things are going bad, you can talk to him. He'll take things into consideration." Johnson has never taken advantage of the "open-door policy" himself, he said. Any concerns he's had have been delivered via offensive line coach Jeff Stoutland. Johnson also revealed that Chief of Staff James Harris, whom Kelly brought from Oregon, is "the middle man to kind of communicate between us and [Kelly] -- and that's kind of how things get solved." That seems all well and functional, but lacks a personal touch.

For Eagles defense, long runs are the new long passes - PhillyVoice
In 2014, the Eagles allowed 72 pass plays of 20+ yards, which was the third-most in the NFL since the league starting tracking that stat in 1991. In 2015, the Eagles are getting gashed on the ground instead. Through 10 games, the Eagles have allowed nine runs of 20+ yards. Only two teams have allowed more. Four of those runs have gone for 40+ yards, which leads the NFL.

Eagles' DeMeco Ryans: 'We weren't ourselves' against Bucs - Daily News
IN TRYING to explain how his defense managed to get scorched for 283 rushing yards Sunday by Doug Martin and the Tampa Bay Bucs, Bill Davis mentioned missed gap fits, missed tackles and bad angles. Linebacker DeMeco Ryans agreed with all of those Tuesday, and even added one of his own: lack of effort. "The runs were (about) gaps and also tackling and effort getting to the ball," Ryans said. "Even if somebody is out of a gap, if you have all 11 guys really going and getting after the ballcarrier, you're not going to have those types of runs happen."

Why Didn’t Josh Huff and DeMarco Murray Get More Touches? - Crossing Broad
Strange response. Huff’s game is blocking when he’s not targeted… and yards after catch, based on his physicality and elusiveness, when he is. He’s not a burner who kills you on go routes, and playing two high doesn’t take his game away. Besides, as Jimmy Kempski tweeted, why is Chip announcing that he lets the defense dictate what plays he runs? Besides which, there was no rotation with Huff. He didn’t return until the fourth quarter, while Agholor had only four targets, catching three for 11 yards total.

Davis: Don't Sleep On The Lions -
With just two days to go until their Thanksgiving meeting with the Lions in Detroit, the Eagles are already in the thick of preparations for that game. Coming off a 45-17 loss to the Buccaneers at home on Sunday, Philadelphia is hoping to get the taste of that frustrating defeat out of its mouth quickly and move on. On Tuesday, defensive coordinator Bill Davis spoke to reporters about Sunday’s game and the challenges ahead of the team. Here are a few key takeaways.

Everything you ever wanted to know about daily fantasy sports and why they're getting sued - SB Nation
The legal fight around daily fantasy sports sites DraftKings and FanDuel is heating up. Here's a primer on the biggest controversy in sports this year.

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