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Lane Johnson says Eagles don't have home field advantage anymore because fans boo

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Lane Johnson is one of the most honest players on the Philadelphia Eagles' roster. He's not afraid to tell people what he really thinks. Earlier this season, Johnson admitted the Eagles' preseason success allowed them to become too overconfident. After the Eagles beat the Cowboys, Johnson openly questioned the effort of Dallas defensive end Greg Hardy. After practice on Tuesday, Johnson didn't hold back on his assessment of Eagles fans.

Blaming the fans is never a good idea. They aren't the ones who can control what happens on the field. They're certainly not the ones to blame for the team losing this year. That responsibility falls on Chip Kelly and the players he picked. There's no question the Eagles have put a bad product on the field. Eagles players can't expect fans to cheer such a boring and bad team.

However, Johnson isn't totally wrong about being at a disadvantage. In the last 10 years, the Philadelphia Eagles are the only NFL team that is actually worse at home than they are on the road (via r/Eagles):

This home field disadvantage doesn't just apply to the Eagles. Look at these numbers for the other Philadelphia sports teams:

Team Total W% Home W% HomeAdv% LgAvg Lg Rank
Eagles 55.63% 55.00% -0.62% 6.95% Last
Phillies 54.32% 55.76% 1.45% 4.09% Last
Flyers 50.14% 52.27% 2.13% 5.07% Last
Sixers 43.91% 51.00% 7.09% 9.87% Last



Johnson apologized for his comments. Read his apology here.

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