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Eagles News: Seahawks bench Cary Williams for getting burnt

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 11/24/15.

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Let's get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

Coverage lapses lead to benching for Seahawks' Cary Williams - MyNorthwest
Cary Williams got beat and then he got benched. Afterward, he didn't seem to know what exactly led to his lapses in coverage nor whether or not they have permanently cost him his job as Seattle's starting right cornerback. "It's just one of those things where I feel like I could be better and I wasn't necessarily there today, especially in the second half," Williams said with a hushed voice while standing at his locker long after Seattle's 29-13 win over San Francisco. "I don't know for what matter it was or whatever it was. Maybe I was overthinking it."

It's beginning to look like Andy Reid may get the last laugh - PhillyVoice
The bad news for Kelly, however, is that the start of his career doesn't exactly match up well when compared to Reid's first three seasons. He may have posted just a 27-21 record over those 48 games -- a number Kelly can reach if they finish 3-3 -- but he also took his team to the playoffs twice, including a win in his first postseason game and an NFC Championship Game appearance in year three. [Yes, that was aided greatly by the fact that they drafted Donovan McNabb and had a franchise quarterback in place almost immediately upon Reid's arrival.]

Don't be too quick to judge Eagles' Chip Kelly - Daily News
For a city that hasn't seen an NFL title in 55 years, we can be awfully quick to determine that our coaches and quarterbacks are something less than championship caliber. No doubt, things have not gone according to Kelly's plan. The coach himself acknowledged Monday - albeit brusquely - that his team was not where he envisioned it being 10 games into his third season at the helm. No doubt, the Eagles' 4-6 performance - particularly the last two losses - raise plenty of concerns about Kelly's short- and long-term vision for his football team. At the same time, it is neither wise nor fair to ignore what the man accomplished in his first two seasons, and as long as we consider those seasons from an objective perspective, they offer a pretty clear indication that he just might know a thing or two about how to win games in the National Football League.

Rage Against the Machine - Iggles Blitz
It is easy to say “Blow this team up. Fire ’em all…with extreme prejudice.” Might even be fun to do that. But what would Carolina be this year if the owner had fired Ron Rivera after their 3-8-1 start last year? Marvin Lewis went 4-11-1 in 2008 and 4-12 in 2010. Then he got Andy Dalton and the team has been winning ever since. Who knows what would have happened to that franchise if they fired Lewis. To be fair, sometimes a team can wait too long. Norv Turner should have been fired after the 2011 season. The Chargers gave him a final year and he went 7-9. That wasted a season in the careers of Philip Rivers and Eric Weddle, two outstanding players. When you have a franchise QB like Rivers, you have to take advantage of it.

Can Chip Kelly do anything to save Eagles season? -
Now, the question is can it be salvaged. And can Kelly salvage it? While fans want him fired immediately, if not sooner, that's not going to happen. The coach and the team have to look at the remaining six games and feel they can still win and make the playoffs. Is it realistic after two straight home losses in which the team was a touchdown favorite? Of course not, but that has to be the team's mentality.

Eagles' season has turned into a laughing matter - CSN Philly
Sunday was not a good day for the Eagles. That’s becoming something of a routine. My favorite moment came early in the third quarter. The Eagles' defense got flagged for having 12 men on the field. It was funny in an lolEaglesdisaster sort of way, but for a second there it made me think that they really could have used an extra man. Maybe 12 against 11 would have made it a fair fight against the Buccaneers. Maybe not. It has been that kind of year for your Eagles. In just a few months, the early season hype has given way to Chip Kelly essentially shrugging when asked to explain what’s wrong with his team. They lost to the Dolphins and Buccaneers in consecutive games at home. That is grim. So much for the win in Dallas serving as a turning point.

Eagles-Bucs, The Day After - Birds 24/7
Malcolm Jenkins couldn’t hide his disgust. The Eagles had just been whistled for 12 men on the field to turn a 3rd-and-4 into a Bucs first down, extending what ended up being a 15-play, 80-yard, 9:47 life-sucking touchdown drive to start the second half. He shot daggers and barked at his teammates on the field, and had plenty of lingering frustration as he spoke with reporters following a 45-17 loss that has shaken public confidence in this regime to its core. "We're trying to scrap our way back into the game and we're on third down, an opportunity to get off the field and we have 12 guys on the field. That's embarrassing ... "

Fan-Demonium: Looking For Answers -
It would be easy to look at Sunday's game and to come to some really harsh conclusions about the Eagles. They played very poorly and lost 45-17 in a game they desperately needed to win. That was a really bad loss. It is easy to let emotion get the best of you based on a performance like that. Fans will do that. The media too. Players and coaches are different. They live in the moment. The Bucs game is over. They will study the tape and identify what went wrong. Then it is time to move on. As Chip Kelly put it after the game on Sunday, they have to have a short memory.

Ezekiel Elliott leads exodus of Ohio State talent headed to the NFL - SB Nation
Ezekiel Elliott, Cardale Jones and Joey Bosa have already made declarative statements about their future at Ohio State, but what about the other talented junior and redshirt sophomore Buckeyes?

The Cowboys Are In Over Their Heads With Greg Hardy - Deadspin
Head coach Jason Garrett is possibly cutting guys for not wearing suits, perhaps to make some kind of statement about “taking control” of the locker room. It’s a statement that would be much better made by cutting the guy who’s done nothing but cause problems since joining the team, but this is what it looks like when a team that is decidedly not in control tries to take charge

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