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Eagles News: Philadelphia's scouts are paying close attention to Paxton Lynch

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 11/21/15.

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Let's get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

Eagles To Scout Memphis-Temple, Get Up-Close Look At Paxton Lynch - ESN
I'm told that Eagles Vice President of Player Personnel Ed Marynowitz, along with five other NFL teams (Baltimore Ravens, Chicago Bears, Miami Dolphins, New York Giants and San Diego Chargers), will be in attendance to scout the prospects in the Memphis-Temple game with the 6-foot-7, 245-pound Lynch being the headliner. This will be the second time Marynowitz observes Lynch in-person this season – the first was in Memphis during a late-September game. I've been high on Lynch for two years now. And, while I’ve said California’s Jared Goff is the most Chip Kelly ready draft-eligible quarterback, Lynch isn’t far behind.

A look ahead to the 2016 quarterback class: Paxton Lynch edition - PhillyVoice
Coming from a smaller program like Memphis, and being something of a late riser, many are going to question Lynch's feel for the game. I have no such concerns. It is actually a major strength in his overall game, in my opinion. Here's Memphis running Jon Gruden's favorite play, "Spider 2 Y Banana." Watch as Lynch rolls to his right, he hangs onto the ball seemingly longer than he should. Nope. Lynch has the advantage of a defender trying to cover his FB and TE simultaneously, however, the FB and TE are running their route too close together. Lynch has the poise to wait for them to separate, then fires a laser to the FB for a TD. Well done.

What Do We Gain with Mark Sanchez? - ChipWagon
The one immediately noticeable thing we all saw when Sanchez took over was a dramatic difference in the pace that this offense moved. It appeared Bradford was running this offense at a snails pace compared to everyone else who has run this offense. Pace and tempo is one of the competitive advantages of Chip's Kelly's offense. Bradford hasn't been able to run it that way for whatever reason. But unfortunately, tempo alone doesn't win football games. If you are looking for perhaps a glimmer of hope on what Sanchez might offer that could jump start this offense, I might have something for you.

Chip Kelly Update: An Ugly Turn of Events - Fishduck
Chip Kelly has stuck to his guns in building a team of high-character players. But the payoff is supposed to be an extra reserve of mental toughness and teamwork that carries them through such games as this. Like the loss to Washington late last year that knocked them out of the playoffs, this collapse calls that whole concept into doubt. Football’s a violent, chaotic sport, and it’s arguably not that rational to be playing in the first place. Maybe hard work, positive attitudes and humility are not the stuff of victory. Maybe family dysfunction, ego and weird resentments are actually a better fuel for guys who get paid a lot of money to risk injury on every play in the hopes of humiliating an opponent and calling his manhood into question.

5 Reasons why the Eagles will win the NFC East -
The Schedule: I know, you lose at home to the Dolphins, you can lose to anyone. I'm aware of that. Still, the Eagles have a favorable finish to the season. They don't travel any further than Detroit; play just two teams who currently have a winning record; and have three of the final four games at home. The Giants' schedule is very tough with three road games and home games with Carolina and the Jets. And the Redskins only play two teams with losing records (the Cowboys and Bears) and play their final two games on the road.

Why does Eagles' Sanchez have penchant for turnovers? - Inquirer
With Sanchez behind the center, the Eagles will tiptoe the line that separates aggressive and foolish. "There's a fine line," Sanchez said. "We use the analogy of a fastbreak in basketball. Just because you have a fastbreak in basketball, it doesn't mean you can throw the ball out of bounds or lead a guy on the lob for a dunk and he's not thinking that. "You've got to be on the same page as these guys. So that's the most important thing. And then understand where you're at, what the situation is, what that specific play is calling for. And when all those things fall in line, you usually have a positive outcome."

Eagles-Bucs scouting report: Time for outside WRs to do something - CSN Philly
This is an important game for the Eagles' outside receivers, who have been incredibly bad this season. Why? Because Jordan Matthews will likely line up in the slot against Alterraun Verner, Tampa Bay's most talented and experienced cornerback. And while Kwon Alexander and Lavonte David aren't Luke Kuechly and Thomas Davis, the Bucs' linebacker duo has the speed to cover the Eagles' tight ends. Sanchez called the Bucs' defense one of the best the Eagles have faced so far, which may seem odd when you look at the numbers, but less so when you see how Lovie Smith's defense has improved as the season's worn on.

Smithology: The Real Prime 'Stache -
Today in Smithology, we meet the man behind the mustache. His name is Joe O’Pella, an assistant athletic trainer who has been with the Eagles’ training staff since 2008. What most people know about O’Pella is his facial hair, but what people don’t see is the hard work that goes on behind the scenes, as O’Pella is a part of one of the best training staffs around.

You tend not to matter: An excavation of the crap-heap that was our 2015 fantasy football draft - SB Nation
This year's fantasy football season has seemed like an especially unknowable hallucination. A lot of us drafted our way straight into the cellar. Let's see if we can fix some of your awful fantasy teams by drafting them completely at random.

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