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Eagles News: Dez Bryant cursed out reporters after the Cowboys' loss

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 11/2/15.

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Let's get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

Dez Bryant erupts on reporters after Cowboys' loss to Seahawks - USA Today
Emotions boiled over in the Cowboys locker room after the game as Bryant started screaming at reporters, loud enough that it was heard across the entire room. The Cowboys public relations staff attempted to intervene but Bryant kept yelling. “Stay the (expletive) away …,” Bryant yelled to a group of reporters. “Why don’t you all get the (expletive) out of here? This is our (expletive) locker room. You (expletive) dirty (expletive).” This is the second consecutive week that an emotional outburst has coincided with a difficult loss. The previous Sunday it was Hardy who shoved teammates and knocked a clipboard out of the special teams coach's hands after the New York Giants returned a kickoff 100 yards for a touchdown in the fourth quarter of a victory.

Trade Noise - Iggles Blitz
I would hate to see the Eagles deal Curry. I’d actually like him to get an extension. The problem is that Curry may not have interest in staying here as a role player when he can pursue a starting gig elsewhere. He loves being an Eagle, but careers are short and money is money. This is the final year of his deal so there is logic to trading him. If he leaves in March, you get nothing for him. (Reminder that comp picks only come when your team doesn’t sign free agents…Eagles tend to be active shoppers).

Twitter Mailbag: On Maclin, Matthews And Bradford - Birds 24/7
Five years, $55 million is rich no matter how you slice it, but it does seem a bit more palatable when you see where that market is heading.  As it stands, the Eagles have approximately $22 million guaranteed committed to the receiver position -- a little less than what Kansas City is paying Maclin alone. Meanwhile, Kelly has committed $32 million to his running backs.

10 keys for the rest of the Eagles' season - CSN Philly
The good news is that Bradford threw just one interception against the Panthers and it wasn't entirely his fault; Jordan Matthews dropped the pass and it was picked off. The other piece of good news is Bradford is coming off one of his best games of the season in Carolina. No, the numbers weren't there but a lot of that had to do with his teammates' dropping eight passes. Bradford has looked more and more comfortable in the pocket in the last couple of weeks, which is a good sign for the second half of the year.

Fan-Demonium: Six Keys To A Turnaround -
The Eagles are almost halfway through the 2015 season. The team has a 3-4 record. Not good, not bad. It is really no man's land, which seems appropriate for this team. We are seven games into the season and this team remains a big mystery. They are too talented to be a bad team. They are too sloppy to be a good team. There are nine games left this year. That is plenty of time for the Eagles to turn things around. Just because a team has played a certain way for half the season does not define the entire season. Just look at Chip Kelly's first two seasons. The 2013 Eagles began 3-5 and then went 7-1 in the second half of the season. Last year, the Eagles went into the bye week feeling great at 5-1. They went just 5-5 in the final 10 games and missed the playoffs.

Here is a reason for fans to be optimistic about Eagles' Sam Bradford -
When asked to explain his decision to acquire quarterback Sam Bradford from the St. Louis Rams this past offseason, Eagles head coach Chip Kelly often mentions one name -- New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees, who switched teams back in 2006 due to a severe shoulder injury, much like Bradford did.  Seven games into the season, the name is worth mentioning again, as Brees might be one of the only reasons to remain optimistic about Bradford.

NFL Report: A yellow flag for officials - Inquirer
The NFL sent a memo to all 32 teams in late September asking their employees to refrain from making public comments about the officiating. The league admitted in the letter to being concerned that the criticism could "draw significant and unwanted public scrutiny." Perhaps the logic was that the officiating crews do just fine all by themselves drawing significant and unwanted public scrutiny.

NFL’s Quality of Play Hits Rock Bottom, No One Cares - WSJ
But as tens of millions of viewers continue to tune in regardless, it’s worth considering why so many of the games seem borderline unwatchable. Why the standard of play in the NFL is in the midst of a downturn is due to a confluence of wacky events, some of them intended, some decidedly unintended.

Who is the NFL's next great quarterback? - SB Nation
Peyton Manning vs. Aaron Rodgers is a duel between the past and present of the QB position. But which quarterback is the future?

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