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NFL Power Rankings Roundup: It's up to Mark Sanchez to keep the Eagles' season alive

Where do the Eagles rank around the web?

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Here is a weekly round-up of how various media outlets have ranked the Philadelphia Eagles in their NFL power rankings. The Eagles are coming off a pathetic loss. Let's start by revisiting my rankings.

Bleeding Green Nation

21) The Eagles were up 16-3 and on their way to a blowout before totally blowing the lead at home. Sam Bradford got hurt and now Mark Sanchez will likely have to start at least two games. Philadelphia is still alive in a weak NFC East, but they certainly don't look like a good team. The defense is legitimate but the offense blows. As crazy as it sounds, the Birds can potentially take first place in the division with a win next week. (LW: 13)

SB Nation

22) N/A (LW: 15)

Football Outsiders

12) N/A (LW: 10)

Pro Football Focus

11) Wide receiver Nelson Agholor has improved in nearly every game he’s played this season. His grades by game have been: -2.4, -0.7, -1.5, -1.5, -1.3 and -0.4. (LW: 10)


9) N/A (LW: 10)

Philadelphia Daily News

20) How in God’s name did they average just 2.3 yards per carry against the Dolphins? (LW: 16)

9) There's no excuse for the loss to the Dolphins. None


19) If Sam Bradford is out, the Eagles likely won't see a dip in quarterback play. Mark Sanchez went 4-4 with a 59.3 Total QBR with the Eagles last season. (LW: 16)


19 through 23) Philadelphia, Tampa Bay, St. Louis, Miami, Oakland (4-5). Put all on pieces of paper. Put names in bag. Pick. (LW: 15)

15) Jets fans must have nodded in painful recognition watching Eagles fans pin their red-zone hopes on The Sanchize. Down one point, with the game on the line late in the fourth quarter -- and with his team already in field-goal range -- Sanchez threw high and late over the middle on a pass intended for Miles Austin. Pick; Dolphins football. Luckily, everyone in the NFC East but the Redskins lost, so Philadelphia didn't lose ground. Will 7-9 win that division? (LW: 12)

CBS (Prisco)

20) The Sam Bradford injury is an issue, but they weren't playing well against Miami with him. (LW: 17)

CBS (Kirwan)

19) I like Mark Sanchez a lot, but I think it's hard to rely on him to take you to the playoffs. We said all preseason that the question on Sam Bradford would be his ability to stay healthy. He couldn't … again. (LW: 16)


16) Nelson Agholor had three catches for 32 yards on Sunday, bringing his total on the season to 11 catches and 137 yards. Not enough has been made of how little Philadelphia is getting from its first-round pick. (LW: 15)

FOX Sports

23)  The Eagles will turn to Mark Sanchez again. Before worrying about the passing game under the veteran backup, the Eagles need to fix whatever issues led to the collapse of their run game. View season trend. (LW: 15)


18) The Eagles managed something remarkable on Sunday: a complete embarrassment in every aspect of professional football in front of their home crowd. Special teams was a disaster. Against the 31st ranked run defense in the nation, with last years rushing leader, the Eagles piled on 83 incredible yards. Miles Austin may well be a sleeper agent for the Cowboys. Word has it that Chip Kelly replaced his playbook with a Tony Luke's menu. And in good news, Sam Bradford is out with a concussion/bruised ego. (WL: 15)


22) To all those Eagles fans who had been complaining about Sam Bradford: Enjoy his backup. (LW: 14)

USA Today

20) Mark Sanchez is more familiar with this offense than Sam Bradford. Maybe that's worth something.  (LW: 14)

Business Insider

21) Sam Bradford left the game with a concussion and will likely miss the next two weeks. It's Mark Sanchez time in Philly. (LW: 18)


13) The Eagles lose the game and their starting quarterback as Sam Bradford is felled by a concussion and shoulder injury. Mark Sanchez can't get the job done in relief and ends Philly's chances against the Dolphins with an interception in the end zone. (LW: 9)

Washington Post

21) Sam Bradford is hurt. Who would have ever envisioned that happening? Mark Sanchez takes over as QB, a less-than-comforting development as the Eagles try to salvage their season. (LW: 12)

Chicago Tribune

20) Chip Kelly says with the "exception" of four or five teams, "everyone's kind of doing the same thing." Problem is Philly isn't one of the four or five. (LW: 13)

Houston Chronicle

17) The Eagles blew a chance to tie the Giants for first place in the NFC East when they lost at home to Miami. (LW: 10)



The rankings range from as high as 9 to as low as 23. 20 was the most common ranking. 17.6 is the average ranking. That's over four spots down from last week's average ranking of 13.4.

The Eagles have an opportunity to get back on track by beating the Buccaneers this week. A loss to Tampa Bay could drop the Birds even further towards the bottom, however. It's likely up to Mark Sanchez to keep the Eagles' season alive.

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