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Upon review, the NFC East is bad, the NFL should consider dropping it

This week's giveaway to fans was taking over the division.

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The NFC East is bad. Let's review it!

New York Giants (5-5)

Last week: Turned back the clock to 2007, taking a late lead on the undefeated Patriots, then turned back the clock to earlier this season and blew said lead, Tom Coughlin's team is finding all kinds of ways to have bad clock management. With 2:10 to go and in range of a field goal to take the lead, the Giants ran four plays. All of them were passes. After New England called their second timeout with 2:10 left in game, Eli Manning hit Dwayne Harris for an 18 yard gain and he promptly went out of bounds at 2:06, saving 6 seconds. On the next play, Eli nearly threw a TD to Odell Beckham Jr., but the pass was ruled incomplete and the clock stopped with 2:01 left. On the next play, the Giants again passed, but with the two minute warning being inevitable the type of play call didn't matter, but at the end of the day the Giants ran three plays between the 2:06 mark of the 4th quarter and the 2 minute warning. That's a textbook example of how teams lose games. The Giants kicked a field goal with 1:50 left rather than under a minute to go, and Tom Brady made them pay, moving the Patriots down the field and setting them up for a game winning field goal.... with 6 seconds left in the game.

This week: The Giants are on the bye, so they'll have all kinds of time to continue to not practice end of game scenarios.

Tweets of the Week: I can't feel my Eli Face when I'm with you

Washington Redskins (4-5)

Last week: It was only a matter of time until someone got fired after a Redskins game, but surprisingly it was someone on the opposition that got canned. After Curtis Cousins threw for four touchdowns and no interceptions against the Saints, New Orleans fired defensive coordinator Rob Ryan. Ryan is a bad coordinator who keeps lucking into jobs, and this season had given up 519 yards and 39 points to the Eagles, and 481 yards and 34 points to a rookie in an interim coach's debut, but the final straw was the Redskins mayonnaise boy having a career day. Befitting the Redskins season, we're talking about what happened after the game more than we are talking about the game itself.

This week: Visit the Panthers, perhaps a fan who supports the name Redskins will, like this lady, be mad on line about Cam Newton being happy.

Tweet of the Week: Same as it ever was.

Philadelphia Eagles (4-5)

Last week:

This week: Host the Buccanneers, who have beaten the Jaguars, Redskins, Cowboys and Falcons, so the Eagles are probably screwed.

Tweets of the Week: Sunday Funday.

Dallas Cowboys (2-7)

Last week: Went 59:01 of game time without giving up a touchdown and lost, continuing their streak of not winning a game when Tony Romo doesn't play and when inspirational leader Greg Hardy does. Rejuvenated Darren McFadden fell forward 17 times for 32 yards, not at all rushed back from injury Dez Bryant caught 5 of 12 targets for 45 yards, and Jason Garrett clapped a lot. After the game yet another story about inspirational leader Greg Hardy either missing practice or showing up late surfaced, the Cowboys addressed that rumor by declining to comment, which means it is true.

And that wasn't even the best Cowboys locker room story of the week. After Dez Bryant got mad at a reporter for allegedly saying a racial slur to him that no one else in the room heard, Dez then look at Twitter and got mad off line about getting mad on line.

This week: Tony Romo needlessly returns to action to screw the Cowboys out of a top ten draft pick.

Tweets of the Week: Everything is fine.

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