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Jordan Matthews fined for touchdown celebration in Eagles' win over the Cowboys


Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Jordan Matthews was fined by the NFL for his game-winning touchdown celebration in overtime to beat the Dallas Cowboys, according to CSN Philly's Dave Zangaro.

Matthews threw the ball into the crowd after running into the end zone to clinch the game. The NFL fined Matthews a total of $5,787. That's roughly 1% of his base salary this season. The issue isn't that Matthews gave away the ball. As ProFootballTalk notes, it's the way he did it:

"Although the league allows players to hand a ball to fans, it’s against the rules to throw the ball into the stands. The league is worried about the crowd control issues that could come from multiple fans fighting over a ball, leaning over a railing to grab a ball, tripping and falling while running for a ball, etc."

In any case, Matthews' touchdown was a huge play for this Eagles team. It earned them a win over their division rivals and boosted them to 4-4 on the season. You can watch the touchdown play again and again here:

Meanwhile, Greg Hardy was NOT fined for this cheap shot:

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