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Did LeSean McCoy take another shot at Chip Kelly?


Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Ever since he was traded to the Buffalo Bills, former Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy has never been shy to criticize his former head coach: Chip Kelly. McCoy infamously claimed Kelly got rid of all the "good black players" on Philadelphia's roster. When asked to explain himself, McCoy said he didn't regret his comments. McCoy also said the Eagles made a "panic move" to replace him with DeMarco Murray and Ryan Mathews. And then there was that time McCoy accused Kelly of not liking star players.

So it's easy to wonder, then, if McCoy was taking another (subtle) shot at Kelly after the Bills' victory over the New York Jets on Thursday Night Football. McCoy talked about how Rex Ryan is a true player's coach. Transcript via Crossing Broad:

"He’s been good to us, he’s a player coach… small example, like we had a short week, for this week. We didn’t practice at all. Walkthroughs, more mental. Because the guys are banged up. You know, you play a physical game like this, you need time to get your body healed up, you need rest and recovery. Things like that, that some coaches don’t look forward to doing. That’s a small example. That’s something that Rex does."

Kelly has a reputation for not going easy on his players. Last season, former Eagles cornerback Cary Williams said the team was tired in games due to practicing so hard during the week.

The Eagles and Bills are set to play in Philadelphia exactly one month from today on Dec. 13. It should be an interesting week.

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