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Jason Witten complains Fletcher Cox is too big and calls him a "man dog"

Relive the Eagles' win over the Cowboys.

The NFL released their 'Inside the NFL' edition of the Philadelphia Eagles versus Dallas Cowboys game which features mic'd up players and coaches from the game. You can watch the (entire clip by clicking here) since it's not able to be embedded. But before you do that, allow me to spoil one of the best parts for you:

Yep, that's 10-time Pro Bowl tight end Jason Witten complaining Fletcher Cox is too much of a beast to handle. And he's not wrong. Cox finished the game with a whopping nine quarterback hurries and one batted pass.

Other great moments from this clip include DeMarco Murray helping the Eagles defenders from the sideline:

And much more. Once again, you can watch the entire video by clicking here.


In related video awesomeness, check out this clip of Jordan Matthews scoring the game-winning touchdown with Antunes and Marques on the call.