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The NFC East is hard work, if you want it

When the going gets tough, the "tough guys" go home.

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Despite the appearance of being a crap division, the NFC East is actually a tough one. You have to work hard to win it. If you don't, you'll be at the bottom.

New York Giants (5-4)

Last week: It's been an inconsistent season for the G-Men, who sit atop the NFC East because someone has to. Eli Manning has thrown no touchdowns in a win and six in a loss, which pretty much sums up the Giants this year and most years. How would he and the Giants do against a lousy Tampa Bay Buccanneers team?


Facing a rookie QB who is turnover prone, the Giants got no interceptions, and the return of Jason Pierre-Paul revitalized the pass rush... oh no wait they didn't get any sacks either. At least they didn't give up 400 yards for the fourth straight game! Despite winning by 16, the game wasn't clinched until there were 23 seconds left in the game. If not for Mike Evans dropping 173 passes, they wouldn't have led at all. Baby steps.

This week: Host the Patriots. Take the over.

Tweet of the Week:

Philadelphia Eagles (4-4)

Last week: The Eagles finally played a "60 minute game" and still needed to go to overtime. Now that's hard work. Sam Bradford had his best game as an Eagle, mainly because Chip Kelly took the ball out of his hands in the red zone, the Eagles ran the ball on a majority of their plays in it. He also finally completed a pass longer than 25 yards, and somehow Jordan Matthews held on to it! All that hard work on the Jugs machine finally paid off. Rookie sensation Jordan Hicks was lost to the season to injury but has already cemented his place in Eagles lore by basically singlehandedly ending the Cowboys season by knocking Tony Romo out for half of it and intercepting Matt Cassel for a touchdown in the rematch. He evens out the existence of Chris Boniol.

This week: Host the Miami Dolphins, who have given up 69 points in their last two games. Nice.

Tweets of the Week:

Washington Redskins (3-5)

Last week: Lost to the Patriots 27-10. This game was over before the first quarter was. On the opening drive, the Patriots went 84 yards on 13 plays and scored a touchdown. That was so much fun they did a surprise onsides kick. On the Redskins first possession, Kurdt Cousins threw an interception. In the game's first 25 plays, the Redskins ran one of them and were down 14-0. The Redskins eventually countered with an 83 yard, 12 play drive.... to cut the lead to 27-10.

After the game, in which DeSean Jackson had just three catches for 15 yards, Jay Gruden said it was optimistic to have expected him to do much considering the time he missed in camp and this season with injuries. Gruden is right, and Jackson showed his appreciation for his coach covering for him.

Wait, no he didn't.

This week: Host the Saints, who are averaging 34.5 points per game in their last four games. Washington is giving up 29 a game in that span, so elite game planner Jay Gruden is going to have his work cut out for him.

Tweets of the week:

Don't worry though, everything is fine!

Dallas Cowboys (2-6)

Last week: Matt Cassel threw three touchdowns, Greg Hardy had another sack, Darren McFadden had 117 yards, Dez Bryant had 104, and Cole Beasley had 112. And the Cowboys lost. Can't fault them for trying though.

Correction: you can.

Hardy was inspirational, as the Eagles repeatedly running the ball to his side had him winded before the first quarter was over, and the Cowboys followed that lead by being completely sluggish and winded by the end of the game. The Cowboys are now 0-4 with Hardy, and it's just a matter of time before Jerry Jones competes against himself to sign him to a contract extension.

This week: Visit the Buccaneers, where Greg Hardy has a chance to sack Jameis Winston and the whole nation won't be sure how to react so they'll vomit like the pie-eating contest scene in Stand By Me.

Tweets of the Week:

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