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NFL Trade Rumors: Eagles are shopping Vinny Curry

Will the Eagles made a move before the NFL trade deadline?

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The 2015 NFL trade deadline is this Tuesday, Nov. 3, at 4:00 PM ET and the trade rumors are already starting to heat up. In an appearance on ESPN on Sunday morning, NFL insider Adam Schefter said Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Vinny Curry is one of the players who could be on the move.

"Some of the names you're starting to hear right now as being shopped -- and it doesn't mean anything happens -- but their names have come up in connection with trade discussions ... Paul Kruger in Cleveland, he's available if a team wants him. Vinny Curry, in Philadelphia, his name has been bandied about out there. Jared Cook, the Rams' tight end, said to be available. Vernon Davis's name has come up at time, the 49ers tight end."

This isn't the first time Curry's name has come up in trade rumors. The converted 4-3 defensive end isn't viewed as an ideal fit for Philadelphia's 3-4 two-gap system, and he's scheduled to be an unrestricted free agent following the 2015 season.

Despite not being the best scheme fit, Curry has been a very productive player for the Eagles as a rotational pass rusher. Curry finished with nine sacks in 2014. He only has one sack so far this season, but Curry ranks 11th in quarterback hurries despite only playing 163 snaps through seven games.

Curry has value to the Eagles, so the team shouldn't be eager to get rid of him at any cost. Philadelphia could very well be ready to part with him at the right price, however.

Part of the reason why the Eagles could be willing to deal Curry is due to their depth at defensive end. Fletcher Cox is a beast while Cedric Thornton is a good starter. The team is high on second-year defensive lineman Taylor Hart and Brandon Bair played well earlier this season when forced into action.

Definitely keep an eye on Curry's name as the deadline continues to draw near.

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