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USC could be interested in Eagles coach Chip Kelly if Steve Sarkisian is fired

Hey, it's another Chip Kelly is going back to college rumor.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Whenever the Eagles have struggled over the past few seasons, it never took long for some dumb rumor about Chip Kelly going back to college to pop up. In 2013, there were rumors that the Texas Longhorns were targeting Kelly. In 2014, there were rumors about Kelly replacing Will Muschamp at Florida. Now the latest rumor involves the USC Trojans. From Pete Thamel of

"And while this loss doesn’t mark the end of Sarkisian’s time at USC, it marks a definitive point where people can start speculating about the end. And that will certainly include Eagles coach Chip Kelly. USC had strong interest in Kelly when it hired Sarkisian. Not even halfway through his second season, there’s worry if seven-win Sark will even get there. Things can get a lot worse for USC (3–2) with upcoming games at Notre Dame, home against Utah and then at California. The barbarians haven’t circled the gate, but they’re huddling and game-planning."

OK, so a few things here:

• Earlier this week, a report indicated Kelly explicitly told the Eagles he's not going back to college.

• As Dave Mangels points out, USC's interest in Kelly is irrelevant if the coach isn't interested.

• USC hired Sark back in December 2013. The Eagles were 7-5 at the time and riding a four-game win streak. USC had "strong interest" in hiring Kelly at that point? They really thought that was a realistic option?

• Chip Kelly is going back to college rumors will exist until the end of time. And watch him never actually go back.