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Sam Bradford is struggling because his butt isn't strong enough, according to personal trainer

No buts about it.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Sam Bradford might be coming off his best performance of the season, but there's no doubt he's struggled overall in 2015. Bradford ranks 28th in completion percentage, tied for 25th in yards per attempt, and 27th overall in passer rating. In fairness to Bradford, his receivers haven't always helped him out. 14 of Bradford's passes have been dropped, which is tied for the most in the NFL. Still, the quarterback has struggled to throw with accuracy more often than not. So what's the issue?

The answer: his butt.

No, really. Bradford's butt isn't strong enough. At least, that's what one personal trainer thinks.

The following was written by a personal trainer named Andrew Hurst. Hurst oversees The Wynnewood Fitness Station, which is where former NFL player and current football analyst Brian Baldinger trains. Hurst writers for Baldinger's website: Football Stories. Here's the article questioning Bradford's butt:

In short, Hurst says Bradford's accuracy could improve if he added about 20 pounds of butt strength.

I'd guess Bradford really hasn't had the chance to work on his butt in past years given the fact he's spent a lot of time recovering from two ACL injuries. Perhaps Bradford can work on his butt strength if he continues to stay healthy.

Maybe Bradford's butt is what has kept him from being a franchise quarterback all along.

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