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Chip Kelly reportedly told Eagles organization he isn't going back to college

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Ever since Chip Kelly accepted the Philadelphia Eagles' head coaching job, various rumors, reports, and speculation have linked him to a return to coaching college football. All of them have proved to be false, obviously. But whenever the Eagles struggle, the rumors seem to reemerge. According to Mike Freeman, the rumors shouldn't be believed. Kelly has explicitly told the Eagles he isn't going back to college.

"I've been hard on Chip Kelly, and he deserves much of the blame for the Eagles' slow start. Actually, all of it. But let's be clear. Kelly isn't going anywhere anytime soon. The reason is simple: He has total control. A coach with the control Kelly possesses is extremely rare in the NFL. He has the keys to the car, and he won't give up those keys easily. According to a team source, Kelly has told people in the Eagles organization that he isn't moving back to college, and the idea that he would now is ridiculous. So, for the moment at least, that settles that."

Kelly has a nice contract and holds a lot of power. He doesn't have to deal with boosters or recruiting kids to the school, which are two aspects of his college jobs that he didn't seem particularly thrilled about. For now, he's not going anywhere.

One could wonder what might happen if the Eagles try to take Kelly's power away from him, however. Some of Kelly's moves as a general manager haven't looked so great so far (Sam Bradford trade, DeMarco Murray, failing to address the offensive line, etc.).

For now, as Freeman writes, Kelly is here to stay.