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NFL Power Rankings Roundup: Eagles need to run the ball better

Where do the Eagles rank around the web?

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Here is a weekly round-up of how various media outlets have ranked the Philadelphia Eagles in their NFL power rankings. After losing a heart-breaker to Washington, the Eagles are not earning favorable reviews. Let's start by revisiting my ranking.

Bleeding Green Nation

23) Surprise: Philadelphia's offense is still pretty bad. Sam Bradford did show some positive signs (for once) in the Eagles' close road loss, but this team is just bad overall. (LW: 17)

SB Nation

23) I thought after last week that maybe the Eagles had taken a step forward and fixed a few of their issues, but after losing in Washington, my faith in Philly is falling precipitously. The Eagles' division rival the Cowboys fall in our rankings as well -- they just can't compete on a high level with Brandon Weeden at quarterback. (LW: 17)


22) The Eagles have shown bursts on offense but no consistency. They have been held to three or fewer points in a half in each of their games this season. (LW: 17)

22) DeMarco Murray might want the ball more, but is that the difference between winning and losing for Chip Kelly's bunch right now? Sitting on the set of "NFL GameDay Blitz" on NFL Now (fun show, if you haven't caught it), Ike Taylor kept reminding us how different it is for a back like Murray or Adrian Peterson to get the ball out of the shotgun, as opposed to receiving it in the pistol or I-formation, where a back can get some push-off. It's a worthy thought. Meanwhile, against the 'Skins, Sam Bradford looked more like the quarterback we saw in the second-half comeback vs. Atlanta than what, or who, we saw against the Cowboys or Jets. #PowerRankingspositivethoughts (LW: 20)

CBS (Prisco)

22) What has happened to the offense that will revolutionize the game? Despite what he says, Chip Kelly has to be concerned with the 1-3 start. (LW: 16)

CBS (Kirwan)

25) The Eagles are 25th in offensive plays per game. They were first just two years ago. DeMarco Murray is complaining about his workload, and you have to wonder if Sam Bradford is the right guy to be running this offense. (LW: 24)


20) DeMarco Murray had a 30-yard run. That's great news. His other seven carries gained 6 yards. Ryan Mathews, anyone? (LW: 17)

FOX Sports

21) The Eagles have two different starting offensive guards from their dominant 2014 offensive line, and it shows. Constant interior disruption has limited their run game and forced quarterback Sam Bradford into making inaccurate throws. (LW: 15)


21) The good: In his 2 first games, Jordan Hicks has 2 fumble recoveries, a FF, a sack, and an interception. The bad: In his debut, Caleb Sturgis missed both an extra point and 33 yd field goal, which ended up being the losing margin. The ugly: the first half of Sunday's game. The defense being on the field 41 minutes. DeMarco Murray with only 8 touches. Giving up a 91 yard, 15 play, game-winning drive to Kirk bleeping Cousins. (LW: 18)


27) Unfortunately, "we’re a few missed field goals away from being 3-1" doesn’t count as a tiebreaker. (LW: 22)

USA Today

24)  DeMarco Murray broke off a 30-yard run Sunday. His 28 other carries have added up to 17 yards. Yep, he needs more work. (LW: 20)

Business Insider

22) DeMarco Murray continues to struggle mightily in Philadelphia. Against Washington, the running back had just 36 yards on eight carries. He's now demanding more touches. (LW: 15)


18) The Great Chip Kelly Experiment of 2015 is going up in smoke. The coach's revamped roster has been a dud so far, with Sunday's 23-20 clunker against Washington the latest evidence. Good thing Eagles fans are being patient with the coach -- not. (LW: 17)

Washington Post

25) Memo to DeMarco Murray: Average more than 1.6 yards per carry and you’ll probably get the ball more often. Until then, it’s probably best to remain quiet and not draw too much attention to your lack of production. Chip Kelly certainly deserves the blame he’s getting. But he’s not the only one under-performing. (LW: 14)

Chicago Tribune

21) Chip Kelly insists execution is the problem, not his plan. (LW: 20)



The rankings range from as high as 18 to as low as 27. 22 was the most common ranking. 22.4 is the average ranking. That's nearly five spots up from last week's average ranking of 17.8.

The Eagles certainly look like a bad team right now, especially on offense. It remains to be seen if a solution is in sight. Philadelphia can aim to stop the bleeding with a home win over the Saints, but a loss could drop the Eagles even closer to the very bottom.