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Eagles News: Chip Kelly is struggling as general manager

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 10/6/15.

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Let's get to the links...

Grading the Eagles at the quarter pole: Quarterback edition - PhillyVoice
On the "non-excuse" side, with the exception of the Week 4 game against the Redskins, Bradford has had plenty of time to throw. The offensive line's struggles have come in the running game, not in pass protection. Bradford has mostly had very clean pockets to throw from, and he simply hasn't been able to put the ball where it needs to be.

Eagles lack talent on line to make offense go - Inquirer
The root of the problems on the offensive line extends beyond Kelly's arrival two seasons ago. Howie Roseman may be reveling in the early-season struggles, but he owns part of the downward turn. Danny Watkins, anyone? But Kelly had this past offseason to correct any of the previous regime's miscalculations, or at least start the process, and he did virtually nothing. He understandably released Todd Herremans and not as understandably waived Evan Mathis, but he signed nary a free agent before Mathis was cut in June and he didn't draft an offensive lineman, either.

Is The Eagles GM Sabotaging Chip Kelly? - McNabbOrKolb
What Kelly's left with is an offense that looks nothing like the type of team he's been successful with in the past. Foles was never a running quarterback, but the current starter can't even execute read option plays for fear he won't survive the next hit. And Bradford doesn't even have the confidence, despite a decent arm, to throw downfield, wasting Chip's proven ability to scheme players open. His twice-a-game realization that there might be open players beyond 5 yards has corresponded with a brief one-quarter offensive resurgence in each game.

Execution - Iggles Blitz
Think about three critical errors from Sunday. Darren Sproles dropped a pass on 3rd down that would have put the Eagles at the WAS 40 in the 4th quarter. Jordan Matthews dropped a 3rd down pass late in the game that would have kept a drive going. Nelson Agholor lined up incorrectly and that cost the Eagles a TD late in the 1st half. Sproles is a terrific receiver with 433 catches. He normally snatches that ball. Matthews is coming off a very good rookie year and has played well this season. Normally he makes that catch. Agholor might be a rookie, but not lining up on the line of scrimmage with a TE to your side is basic football that goes back to his days as a kid. Agholor is a smart player. He should have paid attention and moved back.

Eagle Eye: Offense Takes Flight -
Now, the questions that this team will have to answer in the coming weeks are: Is this an early stumble? Can these mistakes be fixed? How quickly can things like execution be corrected? This team had a slow start in 2013, and they had trouble getting things going offensively in the first half of last season as well. Both times they were able to rebound and put themselves in position at the end of the year. Can they repeat that performance? That’s the question facing the team right now, and the only way to answer it is by going one week at a time, fixing the small errors that lead to bigger ones and improving game to game. Now, let’s look at what needs to be fixed.

List of quarterbacks I would take over Sam Bradford -
The Eagles have a decision to make -- and yes, chances are, they won't be asking for my opinion on it.  It isn't a decision the Eagles have to make anytime soon, but after a rocky start to the season, the decision on whether or not they should keep quarterback Sam Bradford after this season is a complicated one.

Is Sam Bradford Bad? - Crossing Broad
This is an ugly season for the Eagles, and yesterday was an ugly loss to an even uglier team. Leaders get the blame, and for the Eagles that means quarterback Sam Bradford and head coach Chip Kelly, who traded for the former. Breaking down the tape from yesterday’s game, though, I don’t think Sam is the problem. He was 15-28 for 270 yards, with three TDs and no interceptions (or fumbles.) That last point is important — Bradford was picked in large part because he protected the ball well. In games one and two, when he had two interceptions per game… well, that was bad. He seems to have corrected that.

Chip Kelly: ‘We Were 1-3 Two Years Ago’ - CBS Philly
Murray had eight carries for 36 yards in Sunday’s loss and admitted publicly after the game that he wants the ball more. "Yeah, everybody needs the ball more," Kelly admitted. "I’ve got no issue with that [comment]. We need to play more on offense. That’s the bottom line. We’re getting off the field on third and most of the time when we’re off the field on third down it’s our fault. We’re not getting stopped. We’re doing it to ourselves."

Chip Kelly: ‘We Have the Right Players’ - Birds 24/7
Although the Eagles have won just one game with a quarter of the season complete, Kelly thinks he has the players necessary to be successful. "We know we have the right players here. It's a play here or a play there. We lost a game by a two and we lost a game by three and we lost another game by 10. We've lost three games by 15 points. You hit two kicks and we're sitting here 3-1 and everyone's happy."

There’s hope for Sam Bradford and maybe the Eagles yet - The 700 Level
It was progress, which is all you could ask for given the way Bradford started the season. Plus, he did it while under siege behind a patchwork offensive line, without much help from the running game, not to mention had a fourth touchdown pass called back on a penalty. There was a lot to be pleased with by this performance, despite the losing effort. At the very least, it instilled some hope that Bradford and the Eagles may work out yet, if not how many envisioned this season, perhaps in the long run. If the playoffs or Super Bowl are truly out of reach and the rest of this season is about nothing else, it will be about seeing whether Bradford can continue to develop and become the Eagles’ franchise quarterback.

MMBM: Chip Kelly is running the 'The Producers' scam in Philly - SB Nation
Kelly is making the entire city of Philadelphia look like even bigger fools than before, if that is even possible.

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