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Are the Philadelphia Eagles "done" after losing the Washington Redskins?

Are you giving up?

Rob Carr/Getty Images

The Philadelphia Eagles are now 1-3 after losing to the Washington Redskins on Sunday. Even worse for them is that they are 0-3 in the conference and 0-2 in the division. The team has struggled to look consistently good at any point this season. To top it all off, Philadelphia is dealing with key injuries to several players.

The NFC East isn't exactly a juggernaut, but the Eagles are at the bottom right now and it's hard to see them digging themselves out of this hole.

The offense is too flawed. The offensive line is a mess. The run game is non-existent. Sam Bradford showed some encouraging signs against Washington, but he was too inconsistent overall. Drops are still a huge issue.

The defense looks tired and depleted. With Philadelphia unable to sustain consistent drives on offense, all the pressure is on them to step up.

Special teams is an issue now that the Eagles don't have a kicker they can count on to even make an extra point. Caleb Sturgis was awful in his Philadelphia debut.

So let me ask: are the Eagles "done" now that you've seen the first four games of the season? Have you given up on them? Before you answer, consider that the Eagles' odds of making the playoffs at this point are very low.

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