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NFL general manager thinks Eagles won't re-sign Sam Bradford

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Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Will Sam Bradford be back with the Philadelphia Eagles next season? ESPN's Mike Sando recently wrote an In$ider column about 10 quarterbacks who could change teams this offseason, and Bradford's name came up. Sando writes that there is a high chance Bradford changes teams.

Bradford ranks 32nd (last) in Total QBR among qualifying quarterbacks this season. He ranks 28th out of 30 qualifiers since entering the league in 2010.

"I don't know Sam at all, but I think eventually when you are in the league, you are what you are," a player from another team said before the 2014 season. "This is what, five years for him?"

It's Year 6 now, and Bradford is seven games into his return from a second torn ACL. Arizona Cardinals coach Bruce Arians has said evaluating quarterbacks in new systems becomes viable after about eight games. Bradford and the Eagles have a bye this week before visiting Dallas for their eighth game.

"I can see someone signing Bradford if he stays healthy all year," one of the GMs said, "and I could see the Eagles just letting him go."

Would the Eagles really just let Bradford walk in free agency? I offered my take on this situation recently:

"I think Sam Bradford will be the Eagles starting quarterback next season. I know I just said Bradford isn't the answer, but I can't shake the feeling that the Eagles really believe in him. I think the Eagles will extend Bradford's contract after this season (short-term deal?) and try to sell themselves on the idea that he'll be better in 2016 after having spent a year in the system. What other options do the Eagles really have? I think Philadelphia's defense is too good to have this team picking high enough to get a good quarterback in the NFL Draft, and there aren't many options in free agency and/or the trade market. So the Eagles are probably stuck with Bradford."

I can't see the Eagles just letting Bradford walk after trading a 2016 second round pick and Nick Foles to get him. I think they'll at least try to keep him.

With that said, Bradford has really struggled this year. So it wouldn't be surprising to see the team want to move on if they think an upgrade is available. It's just hard to see how they would acquire such an upgrade.