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Eagles News: Byron Maxwell named one of the NFL's biggest free agent disappointments

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 10/3/15.

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Let's get to the links...

The NFL's big money free agents are all huge disappointments - SB Nation
First of all, the Maxwell signing in Philly has to be disappointing for Eagles fans, because $10 million per year is nothing to sneeze at. I watched all his snaps from the Week 1 Atlanta game and the Week 2 Dallas game, and while he was generally fine in his zone coverage, he was atrocious in man coverage and gave up way too many big plays. It sounds like he improved on things in Week 3, and maybe they're still feeling out the best ways to utilize him. That shockingly bad start didn't win him many fans in his new city, though. I do still think that Maxwell is a good player, and that he'll improve as long as they don't try to make him a man-to-man lockdown corner like Revis or something. Because that's not who he is, period.

If pressured, will Redskins QB Kirk Cousins 'eat it' or get rid of it? - PhillyVoice
"Cousins is solid," said Davis. "Cousins is a great decision maker. I know he's thrown a lot of interceptions so far -- and some of those, I think there were just some individual breakdowns -- but as far as running and executing the offense, he efficiently gets his drop, gets his reads and makes his decision." The only thing that's definitive fact about that last statement is that Cousins has thrown a lot of interceptions. In fact, he has the worst career INT percentage of any Week 1 starter in the NFL.

Chip Kelly Update: Winning Is More Fun - Fishduck
The city of Philadelphia was basically on suicide watch after the loss to Dallas, with the only energy wielded by people forming lynch mobs for Chip Kelly. Much of the pessimism was realistic, too. The Eagles’ offense was easily the worst in the NFL, as their three running backs combined for negative yardage against the Cowboys’ decimated defense. Kelly was running a drastically pruned set of plays, and Dallas defenders were yelling out the play call pre-snap just by looking at the formation.

How Nolan Carroll became the Eagles' most improved player -
So when everyone else was vacationing on an island somewhere, Carroll was in the weight room, or the film room, working on his game, getting stronger, getting smarter, getting better. "When the offseason started I reflected on the season past and just thought I should have done more,'' Carroll said. "I just felt I had to work harder than everyone else. That was my mentality. I knew once the season ended, a lot of guys were going to go on vacation, rest up, do those kind of things. I just got right back to it. I spent some time with my son (Nolan), but I got right back to it. "There was no thought of going away, didn't even think about it. I just kind of stayed in my own little box. I put everything into this year, sacrificed a lot to be better this year, not just for me, but for the team.''

All-22: Inside Sam Bradford’s Struggles - Birds 24/7
Although there are certainly times when Bradford has nowhere to throw down field (more on that below), opportunities clearly exist.  On Bradford's first pass attempt Sunday, the Jets played man coverage with a single safety deep and a linebacker in zone over the middle of the field. The Eagles lined up in an empty formation with trips (three receivers) to the right side of the formation. Riley Cooper, who was the middle receiver on the trips side, ran a 12-yard in route. Nelson Agholor, who was the outside receiver next to Cooper, ran a go route. Before Bradford started his throwing motion, the rookie receiver already had a step on Darrelle Revis. However, Bradford targeted Cooper and nearly threw an interception to the linebacker in zone.

Walter Thurmond's instant impact on Eagles - Inquirer
Not to speak ill of the departed, but it's the kind of play that Nate Allen simply would not have been in position to make. And not just because he lacks Thurmond's speed and acceleration. Thurmond's arrival at Point B has as much to do with his ability to read, diagnose, and react as it does his physical talents.

Smithology: Running For Office -
Logan was then asked who in the locker room would make the best president. "Me," Logan responded. "Because I’m organized. I’m strict. I know how to handle things, and I also like to have fun, so I’d do a good job as President of the United States or running the world. I think I would get a lot of people to vote for me. I’d have to campaign and get out there, but I think I’d earn a lot of votes." And what would be his big campaign initiative? "No taxes on anything." When locker room neighbor Miles Austin was asked if he’d vote for Logan, he responded "100 percent."

Eagles-Redskins scouting report: Bradford to break out? - CSN Philly
The Eagles badly need Sam Bradford to find a rhythm with his wide receivers. Jordan Matthews has 22 catches for 231 yards, but Riley Cooper, Nelson Agholor, Josh Huff and Miles Austin have combined for 13 catches and 122 yards. Those four have been targeted 32 times this season and were held without a catch against the Jets. Matthews has been targeted by Bradford 30 times himself. This feels like the game that one of the other receivers breaks out. Washington has a weak pass defense, and will likely focus on prohibiting the wheel routes to RBs the Eagles have been hitting opponents with since the preseason. Is this the game Agholor makes his presence felt?

Ex-receiver Irving Fryar sentenced to 5 years - ESPN
Former NFL star Irving Fryar, a five-time Pro Bowler in a career than spanned 17 seasons from 1984 to 2000, was sentenced Friday to five years in prison for his role in a mortgage scam. His mother, Allene McGhee, was sentenced to three years' probation in the same case.

Eagles Santander Field Goal Challenge -
Test your Eagles knowledge and enter into the Santander ® Field Goal Challenge. Answer the daily Eagles Trivia presented by Santander ® and you can win a chance to compete on 11/5/15 to become the finalist for the Santander ® Field Goal Challenge. The finalist will have the opportunity during halftime at the Eagles vs. Tampa Bay game (11/22/15) to kick a 30 yard field goal and win: $10,000 for themselves & $10,000 for the local K-12 school of their choice.

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