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Eagles News: Donovan McNabb says Chip Kelly needs to start winning soon or he could be gone

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 10/29/15.

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Let's get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

Donovan McNabb on Hall of Fame, Chip Kelly, Scott Shafer and burying 44 debate -
Well, he better win soon. You talk about the tenure I had, over a decade of winning successfully, making it to the playoffs. First round meant nothing to us. It was second round, NFC Championship or Super Bowl. We've had a top five offense, but he hasn't had any playoff wins to show for it. We can talk about how smart you are and the numbers you're putting up but Philadelphia is used to winning. If you're not winning, it's going to be next man up.

The Eagles' offense is their defense, unfortunately - PhillyVoice
Last Sunday night in Carolina, the Eagles forced three turnovers. On one of those turnovers, the Eagles offense started at the Carolina 39-yard line. On another, it started deep inside the Panthers' end of the field, at the Carolina 18. However, the Eagles offense was only able to convert those three turnovers into six points. That has not been the case so far this season, however, which is troubling. The unfortunate reality of this season has been that the Eagles offense is leaning heavily on the defense to generate points via turnovers. Let's view the Eagles' issues offensively in regard to turnovers from a few different angles.

Time for a Switch? - Iggles Blitz
Sam Bradford is not having a good season. The numbers bear that out, in terms of passing stats, points scored and wins. None of those metrics is favorable to Sam. He does not pass the eye test. You don’t watch him and come away saying "I know things aren’t clicking right now, but you can see this guy can be something special." So if this is true, why not make the change and go with Mark Sanchez? There is a case to be made for making the change. I think the smarter course of action is to stick with Sam…for now.

All-22: Eagles Failing To Capitalize On Turnovers - Birds 24/7
After the Atlanta game, amid all of the ups and down the Eagles have encountered in this rollercoaster ride of a season, there has been one constant: the defense has put them in a position to win games. According to Football Outsiders, the Eagles rank first in the NFL in turnovers forced per drive, at 21.8 percent. That was evident against the Panthers, as they intercepted Cam Newton three times, even though he only threw four picks in the previous five games. "Our defense did a good job of creating turnovers for us but we have to turn those in to seven [points] and not three," Chip Kelly said. "We talk about response after turnovers and we end of up kicking two field goals."

Eagles need to do a better job of getting the ball to Zach Ertz -
Three years into his career, and seven games into this season, however, that has not been the case -- something the Eagles need to work on this offseason.  More than perhaps any other player this season, Ertz has been the victim of bad quarterback play from Sam Bradford. Ertz has 24 receptions this season for 270 yards and no touchdowns, but no touchdowns, which is surprising, since Ertz has done a good job getting open in the red zone.

Jordan Matthews: Work To Top Drops -
Jordan Matthews accepts responsibility when he drops the football. He has the goal of catching every football within his "catch radius," which he considers anything thrown in his area code ...

Chip Kelly's system isn't to blame for Eagles' offensive failures - ESPN
But Kelly's "system" isn't the main culprit for the Eagles' struggles. For one thing, his scheme, though it's played at a breakneck speed and presented with plenty of window dressing, isn't all that different from the football we watch across the league on Sundays. Packaged plays? Aaron Rodgers runs those. The run game? Buck Sweep is the old Vince Lombardi power toss scheme. And those zone runs can be found at every level of the game. Sure, the Eagles like to operate out of the shotgun. Great, so does Tom Brady. He likes tempo too. And the Patriots play just as fast as Kelly's Eagles. Here's the rub: Whether we are talking about the Eagles or small-town high school ball, it always comes down to players first, scheme second. (Chip The GM, of course, handpicked many of his players during the offseason. You want to throw the head coach into the fire? That's where you do it.)

Some ugly, ugly stats regarding Eagles' drops - CSN Philly
It’s become an epidemic. Dropped passes have killed the Eagles all year, but Sunday night, Jordan Matthews and Co. took dropped passes to another level. Various Eagles backs, tight ends and wide receivers dropped seven of Sam Bradford’s 46 passes, and if that seems like a lot, yeah, it’s a lot. In fact, according to ESPN’s Stats and Information, the Eagles’ 15.2 drop percentage was the highest of any team in any game in the NFL this year.

The NFL is fining players for raising awareness about breast cancer and domestic violence - SB Nation
DeAngelo Williams and William Gay received fines for not raising cancer and domestic violence awareness in the league-mandated ways.

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