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Like the Bleeding Green Nation Facebook Page for updates on Eagles news and rumors

We need your help.

Bleeding Green Nation is the best NFL team site on SB Nation. OK, so I'm biased, but the numbers don't lie. BGN was No. 1 in terms of traffic in 2014 with nearly 64.5 million page views. I'm proud of those numbers and I know they're only possible because of the great community we have here.

In order to grow our community even more, I'm asking you to do us a favor by liking on the Bleeding Green Nation Facebook page. As of this posting, we currently have about 47,000 likes on our page. That's pretty good, but it pales in comparison to blogs such as Niners Nation who have 100,000+ and Arrowhead Pride who have 80,000+. I know we have room to grow.


Liking the BGN page not only helps grow our community, but it also helps keep you up to date with the latest Philadelphia Eagles news and rumors. We push out a lot of content here at BGN so keeping up with us on Facebook is a good way to make sure you're not missing out on anything.

You can use this button to like our page:

Do you already like the BGN Facebook Page? If so, you can still help out by recommending it to your friends:

Thanks for your help!