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NFL Power Rankings Roundup: The Eagles are boring and mediocre

Where do the Eagles rank around the web?

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Here is a weekly round-up of how various media outlets have ranked the Philadelphia Eagles in their NFL power rankings. After losing to the Panthers on the road, many experts thinks the Eagles rank in the middle of the league. Let's start by revisiting my rankings.

Bleeding Green Nation

15) I dropped Philadelphia in the rankings this week like Eagles receivers drop passes. The Eagles are a mediocre and boring team. (LW: 12)

SB Nation

14) Meanwhile, a case of the dropsies doomed the Eagles against the Panthers this week, but even without those, the Sam Bradford trade is looking less and less impressive. Bradford hit on just 56 percent of his passes and threw a pick (which was really Jordan Matthews' fault) against Carolina. He has now thrown 10 picks to nine touchdowns this season. The good news for Philly is that the other NFC East teams can't get out of their own way and the division is still anyone's for the taking. (LW: 11)

Pro Football Focus

11) Inside linebacker Jordan Hicks has a yards per coverage snap of 1.03, the lowest for rookie inside/middle linebackers. (LW: 11)

Football Outsiders

8) N/A (LW: 7)


16) No idea what this team is, and that’s the mark of an inconsistent team. (LW: 11)


15) Will Chip Kelly stick with Sam Bradford much longer? Bradford leads the NFL in turnovers (11) and has the worst Total QBR (29.6) this season. (LW: 9)

11) Leaving the Eagles alone, at least for now, even though they're above some teams with slightly better records. Of the 3-3 clubs below them -- the Rams, Raiders and Dolphins -- there isn't one that would have won in Carolina on Sunday night against that stingy Panther defense. The Monday night blowout of the Giants was far too recent to ignore, so Philly stays ahead of Big Blue, as well. Eagles receivers sure would help matters if they, you know, received the ball. (LW: 11)

CBS (Prisco)

19) Is it time to start wondering if Sam Bradford is the right guy for Chip Kelly's offense? It sure looks like he isn't. (LW: 12)

CBS (Kirwan)

19) Teams have begun to expose Sam Bradford's weaknesses under pressure. He lacks escape skills, and his receivers didn't help him in Carolina. This is a team lacking consistency on both sides of the ball. (LW: 11)


16) The Eagles would run outside. Luke Kuechly or Thomas Davis would beat everyone to the perimeter and shut it down. The Eagles would run outside. Luke Kuechly or Thomas Davis would beat everyone to the perimeter and shut it down. The Eagles would run outside. Luke Kuechly or Thomas Davis ... you get the point. Chip Kelly did not. (LW: 12)

FOX Sports

18)  Philadelphia’s pass defense continues to make strides, but the offense can’t keep up. With too many dropped passes, penalties and turnovers, the offense is settling for too many field goals. View season trend. (LW: 12)


16) Once again, the Eagles killed themselves with poor execution. Dropped pass after dropped pass stymied any momentum on offense, and penalty after penalty gave the Panthers good field position. The Eagles head into the bye week with plenty of questions still to answer, but even at 3-4, they are left in contention for a division crown. (LW: 12)


13) Speaking of the devil, those Eagles laid an egg on offense Sunday night, as the Panthers held them to 16 points even though Philly’s impressive defense picked off Cam Newton three times. An offensive line that lost star left tackle Jason Peters to back spasms during the first half was overmatched all night, allowing five sacks and nine quarterback knockdowns on 54 dropbacks. Philly did run the ball 30 times for 177 yards, but much of that success came on a beautiful counter off an outside zone by Ryan Mathews for a 63-yard touchdown. Otherwise, the Eagles were below 4 yards per attempt.


16) It’s not crazy to think that this team would instantly get better by trading for Colin Kaepernick. (LW: 12)

USA Today

14)  What a shame that Chip Kelly doesn't have the organizational clout to grant Ryan Mathews more offensive snaps. (LW: 12)

Business Insider

17) Left tackle Jason Peters was carted off the field on Sunday, but according to ESPN the injury isn’t as bad as feared. He was only suffering from back spasms and is expected to play in Week 9. (LW: 17)


12)  Sam Bradford is tied for the league lead with 10 interceptions, which prompts Chip Kelly to offer a vote of confidence for his beleaguered quarterback. Philly is one of the toughest places to play, especially for a struggling quarterback. Here's hoping Bradford has thick skin. (LW: 12)

Washington Post

18) It didn’t seem possible for the Eagles to be boring this season after Chip Kelly upped the stakes in the offseason with his roster overhaul. But right now, they are mediocre and mundane. There’s simply not much to see here. (LW: 11)

Chicago Tribune

15) Might be time for Chip Kelly to make Ryan Mathews the starting running back. (LW: 11)


16) The Eagles receivers dropped eight passes in the loss to Carolina. (LW: 11)

Houston Chronicle

14) A losing record entering the open week wasn't what Chip Kelly had in mind when he got control of personnel. (LW: 10)



The rankings range from as high as 8 to as low as 19. 16 was the most common ranking. 15 is the average ranking. That's 3.5 spots down from last week's average ranking of 11.5.

The Eagles have the makings of a very average team right now. The defense is very good but the offense is very not good. Philadelphia's ranking won't be moving much next week since the team is on their bye.

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