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Eagles News: It's not time to bench Sam Bradford for Mark Sanchez

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 10/28/15.

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Let's get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

The Eagles on the Brink - Grantland
It’s not crazy to imagine that occurring in Philadelphia if Kelly makes the switch to Sanchez. As much as Bradford has struggled, you can build a case that he needs more time to settle in the job than most other newly acquired passers. And while Sanchez’s 2014 was better than Bradford’s 2015, the Eagles traded for Bradford because they weren’t happy with what Sanchez accomplished during his half-year as the starter. The gap between the two isn’t large enough to justify turning the season over to Sanchez, at least not yet.

That 3rd and 9 screen call to Josh Huff was garbage - PhillyVoice
I'm not one to typically micro-manage play calls. (Seriously). But far too often this season the Eagles have run plays on third down that have required the receiver to get yards after the catch to get the first down. Here was that screen to Huff. One missed block didn't ruin this play. This play wasn't going anywhere from the jump. Over-relying on your receivers to get yards after the catch is either a play-calling flaw or distrust in your quarterback to throw past the sticks. Take your pick. Or maybe it's both.

Settle Down - Iggles Blitz
This comes on the heels of the Eagles losing on the road to an undefeated team while playing on a short week. No one has beaten the Panthers this year. Teams going on the road after Monday night games are 3-5 this year. The Panthers were expected to win Sunday night. Yet somehow this loss has once again launched the gloom and doom campaign by many people. Ugh. No one is happy right now. But it sure is a lot more interesting (and fun) to me to have an intelligent discussion on what is wrong with the team. Ranting is boring. Anyone can do it. My 7-year old nephew can explain why stuff sucks and why he hates things.

Eagle Eye: Tracking Bradford's Progress -
Suffering a loss heading into the bye week is always difficult, if not only because you have two weeks to stew on the loss and think about the "what could have beens" of the most recent game. Luckily for the coaches and players, the bye week isn’t about stewing or focusing on just this loss. For the coaches this is a week of self evaluation, a time when they can look back at everything they’ve done over the first half of the season. This self-scouting process is time-consuming, because the staffs on both sides of the ball will examine every possible scenario when it comes to down and distance, game situation, formations and alignments and find all of their tendencies from those situations. The coaches are searching for answers. But what are the questions?

Eagles Key Plays: How They Happened - Birds 24/7
Could Bradford have delivered a better throw? Yes. But he had to get rid of the ball quickly because of pressure and Matthews should be able to catch this. This was another play where all of the Eagles' receivers were open, but they can't execute and it leads to a costly turnover.

DN Analytics: Sam Bradford's stats are indefensible - Daily News
It's a measure of just how far down we've defined competency that there are folks defending Bradford's performance this year. Among qualified starters, he's 29th in quarterback rating, 32nd in ESPN's Total Quarterback Rating, and 30th in adjusted net yards per pass attempt (which dings him for the interceptions but gives him some credit for avoiding sacks). Bradford's statistical output isn't just worse than Mark Sanchez achieved last year in the same offense — he's perilously close to falling below Sanchez's career numbers in these categories. This is not league-average productivity if you just assume away a couple of drops.

NFL Week 7 Winners and Losers: Panthers and Vikings Are Turning Up the Heat, But Texans Get Barbecued
It’s undoubtedly been a frustrating year for the players on the Eagles defense. Stewart had a big day on the ground, but the Eagles were third in defensive DVOA coming into yesterday, and overall, it’s an interesting, entertaining, and — at times — dominant collection of talent. Philly’s front might be the league’s most intriguing group of players at those positions. Connor Barwin does just about everything. Fletcher Cox is just 24 years old, already a star, and about to get paid. And that’s before even getting to the complementary pieces.

Thomas Rawls, Jamison Crowder, Jordan Hicks are NFL rookie stars | The MMQB with Peter King
At the start of the season, Hicks was a distant fourth on the depth chart behind Demeco Ryans, Mychal Kendricks and Kiko Alonso. After injuries to both Kendricks and Alonso, he’s not only starting but also a key reason why the Eagles have PFF’s third-ranked defense.

At 3-4, Chip Kelly happy with Sam Bradford, thinks team is good - CSN Philly
The Eagles came into the 2015 season with high hopes and similar expectations. And many of those expectations hinged on the play of Sam Bradford. After a long time off the field because of injury, Bradford’s play has been very inconsistent through seven games. At the bye week, Bradford has thrown for 1,766 yards with nine touchdowns and 10 interceptions. He's already just five interceptions away from a career high. His passer rating is 76.4, which is good for 29th in the NFL. But despite Bradford’s struggles, Kelly hasn’t thought about making a switch at quarterback.

DeflateGate will not die until Roger Goodell gets his way - SB Nation
Roger Goodell is fighting for every scrap of power he can preserve under the collective bargaining agreement.

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