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Crunching The Numbers Week 7: Eagles Crash And Burn

The Eagles head into their bye week at 3-4 after a mediocre performance in Carolina. Do the numbers validate the eye test?

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

I normally hate the bye week. Whether it's after a loss and I want to see the team get back on track or after a win and I am too pumped to wait two weeks, the bye serves as an ugly mark in the schedule destined to be loathed. But not this year. This year, the Eagles are playing such uninspired, boring football that I am welcoming the bye week. It is refreshing to have a Sunday off where I don't have to worry about which people on offense are going to screw up next.

With that in mind, this week's edition of Crunching The Numbers will be abbreviated, as there is no Week 8 opponent to scout. The Eagles' Week 9 opponent is Dallas, but it makes no sense to analyze them now when everything will change after their game next week against the Seahawks.

So enough chit chat. Onto the rankings!

Crunching The Numbers Rank Index, Week 7

Rank Team Score
1 Carolina 33.381
2 Green Bay 32.519
3 Arizona 31.905
4 Cincinnati 31.682
5 New York Jets 30.309
6 New England 26.536
7 Atlanta 23.349
8 Minnesota 20.685
9 Seattle 19.696
10 Pittsburgh 19.327
11 Denver 18.849
12 Buffalo 16.325
13 New York Giants 14.179
14 St. Louis 12.039
15 Miami 9.506
16 Oakland 9.080
17 Philadelphia 7.623
18 Dallas 7.055
19 New Orleans 6.961
20 Tampa Bay 6.725
21 Washington 6.524
22 Kansas City 6.469
23 Baltimore 6.124
24 Tennessee 5.114
25 Houston 1.804
26 Indianapolis 1.420
27 Cleveland 1.087
28 Chicago 0.911
29 San Diego 0.893
30 San Francisco -0.886
31 Jacksonville -2.072
32 Detroit -9.383

Why the Eagles are 17th

The Eagles suffered a fall from much-less-than-grace last week at the hands of the number one team on the list, the Carolina Panthers. The two main culprits here are the playcalling (they don't run the ball enough) and the quarterback. Of course, we already knew that, but the offense is being hampered almost entirely by Bradford's passer rating, which is 31st in the league. This is slightly misleading, as his poor showing last week was more the fault of the receivers than it was on him, but that is how it shows up in the numbers. As for the run game, I could talk about how they need to pound the rock more and get Ryan Mathews more involved, but I like my dead horses not beaten.

On defense, the story is slightly better. They are ninth in points allowed and sixth in passer rating allowed, which is a good thing. However, the opponent's run percentage went up and they have an average-at-best pass rush (2.1 sacks per game against a league average of 2.4). Both of these statistics factored negatively into their score.

The fact that I found most interesting this week is that the Eagles are now a lower scoring team than the Derek Carr-led Oakland Raiders, whose offense is engineered by Kelly's former quarterback coach Bill Musgrave. That should tell you all you need to know about the dysfunction in this unit.


The Broncos, captained by Peyton Manning, have produced the league's lowest quarterback rating so far this year ... I feel like I need to say this every week, but the Patriots simply don't run the ball, which is why they are experiencing a quirk at sixth place ... The New York Giants now lead the league in turnover margin per game at +1.4.