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Being on offense or being offensive is a problem for the NFC East

Another embarrassing week for the NFC East.

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Remember when the NFC East was a great division? Yeah, I also remember the 90s.

New York Giants (4-3)

Last week: Tried so hard and failed so bad at blowing another lead to the Cowboys. The Giants took an early lead when Orleans Darkwa, which sounds like a drink that contains codeine, scored, only to let Darren McFadden get the lead back for the Cowboys because yeah Darren McFadden is pretty good if this was 2008. The Giants never scored another offensive touchdown the rest of the game. Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie caught Matt Cassell's first touchdown of the season, and former Cowboy Dwayne Harris scored the game winner on a 100 yard kickoff return. The Giants scored on offense, defense and special teams, got four turnovers, committed only three penalties and were at home and yet only beat the Cowboys, who without Tony Romo and Dez Bryant are terrible, by a touchdown. They were out gained 460 yards to 289. This counts as a dominating win for the Giants, for the NFC East, and for lovers of bad football.

This week: Visit the suddenly surging New Orleans Saints, maybe Orleans Darkwa can find some Orleans Darkwa.

Tweet of the week:

Washington Redskins (3-4)

Last week: Remember how we (well, I) discussed the racial double standard that exists for Washington quarterbacks (it exists for all quarterbacks, but it's hyper-focused in Washington)? We've got even more of that this week. After being on the receiving end of an epic collapse by the Buccanneers that saw Tampa give up a 24 point lead, Kurt Cousins was FIRED UP to defeat a terrible team.

He'd get killed. For comparison, Cam Newton gets a hugely unfair reputation for such minor crap.

Sage, STFU. Peyton Manning has never met a commercial he won't be in, Aaron Rodgers is in at least one break in in every quarter of every NFL game, Tony Romo, Andrew Luck and Eli Manning are all over DirecTV commercials, Tom Brady is a freaking model, and Drew Brees sells cold medicine. Cam Newton, who's got way more charisma than Luck and Eli, is stuck hawking yogurt. And people forget that before the DirecTV "this is ________ with cable" commercials, Cam was making a self-deprecating commercial... for getting kids involved in staying in shape, he wasn't even selling you a product. Anyway, back to the Redskins.

If RGIII did that, there would be an entire hour on First Take devoted to it every day for a week. Pre-game shows would have a whole segment on it where the old white coaches would say they don't like it using dog whistles. But with Curt Cousins, it's considered firey, cool and exciting! That vine has gotten 15 million views! Fifteen million. For beating the Bucs. If RGIII was the QB in this game they'd be roasting him for falling behind 24-0.

This week: Also on a bye, but just on the field because the action never stops off the field for the Redskins.

Tweet of the week:

Philadelphia Eagles (3-4)

Last week: Re-enacted the North invading the Carolinas, or more specifically the final battle in Glory, where (spoiler alert for a movie from 1989) everyone died. Like Robert Gould Shaw's 54th Regiment, they fought valiantly, and were led by white guys. After probably giving a pre-game shower speech that was surely less inspirational than Morgan Freeman or Denzel Washington, Sam Bradford fired rockets at his receiver's hands, mortally wounding them. In an ode to the final scene, the coaches buried Ryan Mathews on the depth chart.

And like the 54th, they made history. Never before has a coached challenged a play where he argued that the call should be reversed because his QB was shitty. But that's what Chip Kelly did when he challenged the ruling that a ball was tipped. It turned out that the ball wasn't tipped, it was just thrown so hilariously poorly by Sam Bradford that it looked tipped. He looked like he never threw a ball of any kind before and was trying to do so with his other hand. And in the context of the game, this was a good thing. That's the 2015 Eagles.

But unlike the 54th, there was no glory to be had here, no iconic memorial to be built for them, though we should probably encase them in bronze to protect fans from having to watch them for the rest of the season.

This week: Eagles are on a bye, so finally you can enjoy your Sunday.

Tweets of the week:

Dallas Cowboys (2-4)

Last week: Where to start. It was quite a DaLOLas week for the Cowboys. Jason Garrett, the Jedi Master who isn't allowed to call plays, took his team to visit the 9/11 Memorial, calling it the "fist bump" to 9/11s "gut punch." Bro...

Yes, let's talk about Garrett's leadership that everyone should follow.Greg Hardy missed practice last week. Normally that gets you benched, unless you're Ryan Mallett. Pillar of leadership Jason Garrett let Hardy play. And all he did was continue to embarrass himself.

And what did Jason Garrett think of that?

These clowns deserve each other. Hardy continues to make a fool of himself and the Cowboys continue to out of their way to defend him.

Cowboys fans should be embarrassed. There's a good clip from NFL Films from back in the day (I believe you can see it in NFLN's Top Ten Draft Busts) of Emmitt Smith reading a newspaper article about Lawrence Phillips and getting visibly upset by him. He's disgusted that Lawrence could be a star but he's throwing his life away by being a disgrace of a human being. Somewhere in a locker room that isn't in Dallas, someone is saying that about a member of the Cowboys.

Oh yeah, they also lost to the Giants.

This week: Have fun in Seattle! Seahawks have a few extra days of rest after playing on Thursday.

Tweets of the week: