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Jordan Matthews hand injury might explain why he's dropping so many passes

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Jordan Matthews has dropped a total of six passes this season, according to Pro Football Focus, and it feels like it's been way more than that. Two of those drops came during the Eagles' 27 to 16 loss to the Carolina Panthers on Sunday Night Football. After the game, Matthews said he is "embarrassed" by his drops. The second-year receiver is certainly right to feel that way. Six drops through seven games is a lot, especially when you consider Matthews only dropped five passes in 16 games last season.

So why is Matthews dropping passes? It's certainly not a lack of effort. Matthews is one of the hardest working guys on the team. Instead, according to Les Bowen of the Daily News, the issue might be related to injury.

"Sources close to the situation said Jordan Matthews suffered a hand ligament injury three weeks ago that supposedly has resolved, as the Eagles' wide receiver has labored with dropped passes. [...] Fans who said on social media that they met Matthews at a recent appearance said his hand was swollen and he did not shake hands. Asked about a hand injury after the Carolina loss, Matthews hesitated, then denied an injury."

For what it's worth, Matthews hasn't been listed on the team's injury report in recent weeks. It's also worth noting Matthews struggled catching the ball clean in college. His 7.69% drop rate was concerning. But a hand injury obviously isn't going to help matters.

Matthews certainly isn't the only Eagles player dropping passes. It's really just everyone right now. The Eagles lead the NFL in drops with a total of 25. Hand injuries or not, it's a big issue that needs to get fixed moving forward.

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