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Malcolm Jenkins hopes the Eagles' loss to the Panthers lights a fire under his teammates

The veteran safety had some strong words for his teammates.

Evan Habeeb/Getty Images

Philadelphia Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins is no stranger to being vocal. Before games he's usually the one firing up his teammates, and he's always available for an insightful quote in the locker room after a game or practice.

Following the Eagles' 26-17 loss to the Panthers, Jenkins had some strong words for his teammates. From Birds 24/7's Tim McManus:

Comments like this are not uncommon from teams having this kind of season. And of all the players to speak up, Jenkins make the most sense. He's a Super Bowl champion and is well-respected in the locker room. And, of course, he's having a Pro Bowl-caliber season.

It's unclear, though, who specifically Jenkins is trying to reach with these comments. Unfortunately for the Eagles, it could be several players - the loss to Carolina featured some sloppy play in all three phases.

Jenkins finished Sunday's game with two tackles and an interception. Through seven games, Jenkins has 43 total tackles, three forced fumbles, one fumble recovery and a pick. With the Eagles now on their bye week, it will be interesting to see how Jenkins' teammates respond. The Eagles' next game is in Arlington, TX against the Cowboys. A loss there would put the Eagles at 1-3 in the division and 2-4 in the conference.