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Eagles fans should be rooting for the Cowboys to lose to the Giants in the Dallas vs. New York game

Just hear me out.

"Hey Eli, do us a solid and beat the Cowboys, OK?" - Sam Bradford, probably
"Hey Eli, do us a solid and beat the Cowboys, OK?" - Sam Bradford, probably
Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles don't play the Carolina Panthers until Sunday night. In the meantime, Eagles fans will be keeping an eye on their NFC East rivals earlier in the day. Rooting for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to beat the Washington Redskins during the early games is an easy call. But what about the New York Giants (3-3) versus Dallas Cowboys (2-3) game in the late afternoon? Who should Eagles fans be rooting against in that one?

Some people will say they root for a tie. Others will say they root for a meteor to hit the planet and wipe out the face of the planet because they can't stand to see either team win. These options, of course, are unrealistic. So assuming you have to pick a side, then, what should your choice be? Here's a case for each side, and then the final verdict.

Rooting against the Cowboys

One could argue the Cowboys are a bigger threat than the Giants despite having a worse record. The Eagles were already defeated by Dallas, so at best the Eagles can only split this year's two-game series. The Cowboys are scheduled to get Dez Bryant and Tony Romo back soon enough so Dallas might be able to get hot and put a run together. In order to prevent that from happening, Eagles fans should want to see the Cowboys dig themselves as deep of a hole as possible.

The Eagles don't need to feel as threatened by the Giants because they already beat them. At worst, the Giants can only split the season series. The Birds have had a lot of success against the G-Men since Chip Kelly took over.

Rooting against the Giants

The Cowboys aren't much of a threat to the Eagles right now after losing three games in a row. They're going to be without Dez Bryant and/or Tony Romo for at least a little bit longer, so even if they beat the Giants it might not be a big deal. Dallas still has tough games on their schedule such as the Seahawks, the Panthers, the Jets, away at the Packers, and away at the Bills. The Giants, meanwhile, arguably don't have as difficult of a slate.

For as much success as the Eagles have had against the Giants, watching New York stay alive is always dangerous. They've proved plenty capable of pulling a Super Bowl run out of nowhere in the past.


Root against the Cowboys. Seeing them buried early is the preferable outcome for Eagles fans.