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Eagles News: Walter Thurmond wants to stay in Philadelphia

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 10/24/15.

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Let's get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

Walter Thurmond wants to re-sign with Eagles -
"Yeah," Thurmond said Thursday when asked if he wants to re-sign with the Eagles. "Most definitely." Thurmond did not offer an update on if the two teams were talking, but the Eagles had not contacted him about an extension prior as of the start of Week 1. "(The contract situation) is more towards the end of the season, so I don't know how that is going to go, or what they are thinking and stuff like that," Thurmond said. "With the new salary cap, and all the other guys they have in terms of the monetary budget is concerned. So that is something that can be talked about at a later date." "Yeah, I do like it here," Thurmond said when asked if re-signing with the Eagles was his top choice, before adding, "If we can work something out and get me to stay, that would be great."

Five matchups to watch Sunday night between the Eagles and Panthers - PhillyVoice
Olsen isn't your ordinary "security blanket" type of tight end. He gets vertical and makes plays down the field. He's also very dangerous getting yards after the catch on shorter receptions. On the season, he has 15.6 yards per catch and 7 catches of 20+ yards. The entire rest of the team has 6. He's really one of the more underrated players in the NFL. Olsen will pose a big challenge for the Eagles' linebackers and safeties. Malcolm Jenkins, Walter Thurmond and Jordan Hicks can all cover. The challenge for the Panthers, scheme-wise, will be to try to get Olsen lined up on DeMeco Ryans in space.

Some Hope for the Offense - Iggles Blitz
Kelly’s offense is build around the run game. When that was struggling, the offense wasn’t going to function well. The run game picked up in Week 3. Things started to click between the runners and the blockers. The Eagles ran 38 times for 123 yards. Nothing crazy, but solid. The next game was in Washington. The Eagles ran 18 times for 87 yards. That was effective, but not as good as the team wanted. You have to remember that Matt Tobin played LT for most of that game and Dennis Kelly was the RG. That’s your #2 LT and #3 RG. And the Eagles were still able to have a lead in the 4th quarter. If not for dropped passes, the Eagles might have won that game. Jason Peters returned to LT for the last two game, allowing Matt Tobin to move back to RG. In those games, the Eagles ran for 186 and 155 yards. It should be no surprise that the Eagles scored 39 and 27 points in those games. The offense was able to run the ball well and that opened up everything.

Chip Kelly Update: Winning Ugly - Fishduck
The other player who has been inexplicably bad this year is Jason Kelce, the Eagles’ Pro Bowl center. He missed blocks, was called for holding to negate a seven-yard run and hiked one ball too early, right past Bradford’s ear. The Eagles recovered for an 18-yard loss. It’s all the more confusing because journeyman Allen Barbre and third stringer Matt Tobin, the replacements at guard for released starters Mathis and Herremans, are playing pretty well.

Smithology: Surge's Story -
He’s the first one out on the practice fields and he’s the last one to come inside. Well, he actually never comes inside. He just gets a tarp thrown over him if it rains. He does his job every day, working with the defensive linemen and linebackers as they perfect their craft, working on their explosion, their hand placement and their quickness. Surge takes it all.

All-22: How the Eagles Limited Odell Beckham - Birds 24/7
Because the Eagles consistently generated a good pass rush with only four guys, the secondary was free to double-cover Beckham. One tool they often used was bracket coverage, which they implemented in different ways. One option is what Jenkins calls a "true bracket," where one defender has inside leverage on the receiver and the second defender has outside leverage. Another is "two-man," in which the corner plays all underneath routes and the safety helps over the top.

Eagles-Panthers scouting report: Run outside; jam Greg Olsen - CSN Philly
The weakest part of Carolina's defense is its safeties, Roman Harper and former Eagle Kurt Coleman, both of whom can struggle in coverage. But this is a big-time test for Sam Bradford and the Eagles' offense. The Panthers have allowed a QB rating this season of 68.8, second-best in the NFL to the Jets (60.9). League average is about 90.0. The Panthers have, however, given up some scores to running backs. They've allowed at least one rushing touchdown in four straight games and over the last three have watched Marshawn Lynch, Doug Martin, Mark Ingram and Khiry Robinson all rumble into the end zone.

Can Jordan Matthews burn the Panthers again? - Inquirer
The matchup in the slot might be more appealing than the outside, where the unbeaten Panthers are receiving strong play from their cornerbacks. Josh Norman has been one of the NFL's best at his position this season and has four interceptions in five games. Charles Tillman, a two-time Pro Bowler, plays on the other side. Together, they've allowed 64 yards per game and only one touchdown this season.

Jay Gruden’s loyalty to Kirk Cousins is costing Washington wins - SB Nation
Kirk Cousins is not playing very well, but Jay Gruden insists he'll be fine. That's going to hurt Washington's season. And we've got the numbers to prove it.

Philadelphia Film Society
Perhaps the best and most colorful team owner that no one remembers, Leonard Tose bought the Philadelphia Eagles in 1969 for $16 million, and was determined to bring his home town a winner. No matter what it took. A living contradiction as an inveterate gambler, alcoholic, and scoundrel - Tose was also Philly's leading philanthropist. Ultimately dependent on the kindness of others for his survival, he died penniless in a hotel room on April 15, 2003, but he left a legacy of high living and huge giving. Film Times: Saturday, October 24th @ Ritz B East | Sunday, November 1st @ Prince Theater.

Eagles and NRG are working together to give away tickets, prize packs, and more
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