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Eagles News: Fletcher Cox has a plan for stopping Cam Newton

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 10/23/15.

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Let's get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

Eagles plan for Cam Newton is simple: "Hit him" (many times) - PFT
"Get him uncomfortable," Cox said, via Ed Kracz of the Burlington County Times. "Hit him, hit him, hit him, hit him, hit him, even when they run the ball, hit him. I think that will shake him up a bit, make him frustrated and that’s when all quarterbacks start doing crazy things."

Is Sam Bradford’s inaccuracy a mental issue?  - PhillyVoice
Kelly responded, "Mentally over the injuries? I think he is now, yeah. I do. I don't see him favor his leg or think about his leg in terms of anything we're doing from a training standpoint or in a game standpoint." Then later, Kelly was asked why Bradford seemed to be coming up short on a number of his throws. "Sometimes you're trying to guide it, instead of letting it rip," said Kelly. "You're trying to place it instead of just taking it and ripping it."

The Teachings Of Professor Azzinaro - Birds 24/7
"When I first got the coordinator job, the whole staff was here. I was the last guy hired," said defensive coordinator Billy Davis before practice Wednesday. "What they did at Oregon and the Pittsburgh background that I had was a big piece. So Azz and I in the interview process and talking through everything, we really hit it off. We have the same view of the two-gap system, the 3-4 and how it really stops Chip’s offense or can attack it. "I came in and I didn’t know any of them, and I said, ‘I’m giving you my beliefs at the core,' and they matched their beliefs at the core. That’s where it’s a good fit. It’s the defense that Chip would like to see is what we’re giving him, and Azz is a big part of that. Azz was there in Oregon giving him the kind of defense he wanted.

Offensive Line Is Making Fine Progress -
Lane Johnson sees the difference, feels it, lives it. An offensive line that emerged limping from a loss to Washington has rebounded in impressive fashion the last two weeks. "We're back in the hunt again. We're in a good place right now. If we can go get a win against Carolina, who is undefeated, I think that will be good for us heading into the bye week," Johnson said. "I think our health has gotten better, but also getting to play with (right guard Matt) Tobin has helped. The first week, against the Redskins, I wasn't really used to playing with (Dennis) Kelly, but Tobin is out there and he's a smart guy and he really helps me on the field. He can see what the defense is doing before they do it. The last two weeks I feel comfortable playing with him, trying to keep the ball rolling.

Eagles QB Sam Bradford's interceptions could be part of process - ESPN
It might be that his interceptions are a necessary step in Sam Bradford's return to action after almost two years lost to knee injuries.

Can Bradford take the heat in Philadelphia? - Inquirer
"Since I've been here, I've learned that this is a great sports town. The people are passionate here. They really care," Bradford said. "As far as the external pressure, though, I think I put more pressure on myself than anyone on the outside could put on me. I don't really go out a lot. It's pretty much from here to home and back here the next day. I don't really have a great sense for what's going on out in that world, but there's no doubt it's a great fan base, and they're very passionate here."

Eagles' Sam Bradford's play has been 'ridiculous', says NFL analyst -
Brian Baldinger says Eagles' quarterback is struggling despite Chip Kelly tailoring offense to his strengths.

Bill Davis: 'Mental toughness' key reason for Eagles' growth on D - CSN Philly
"Those things happen in a game. I love the way our guys respond, to be honest with you. I've been a lot of places where those miscommunications happen and people turn on each other and there's a huge argument, and our guys are really together. "It's a tight unit because they knew a mistake was made and they were real mad that a touchdown happened. We got to the sideline, we solved it and it didn't happen again, and it won't happen again. But it's really a testament to the camaraderie we have and the chemistry we have on defense right now."

In a weak NFC East race, defense will decide the winner - SB Nation
Forget all the offensive stars -- it's the action on the other side of the ball which may determine who wins one of the league's weakest division.

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