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Which Carolina Panthers player would the Philadelphia Eagles take?

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A theme post the SB Nation NFL sites have been done in the past and will continue to do throughout this season is "Which [opposing team's] player would [your favorite team's] fans take?" With the Philadelphia Eagles set to play the Carolina Panthers on Sunday, it's time to address the question and familiarize yourself with the opponent's roster.


Sam Bradford is really struggling, so it's hard not to want the Eagles to upgrade their quarterback situation. We talked about the possibility of adding Newton to Philadelphia's roster last season:

"So with all of this in mind, it's hard not to imagine what Chip Kelly could do with a talent like Cam Newton. The 6-5, 248 pound quarterback would give the Eagles a dynamic threat at quarterback. The coaching staff and offensive supporting cast Newton would have in Philadelphia certainly edges out the talent he's surrounded by in Carolina."

Newton has 87 completions on 157 attempts this season, which gives him a 55.4 completion percentage. That ranks second to last among all quarterbacks. Newton has managed to throw for 1,078 yards, and he's actually tied for 22nd with Bradford in yards per attempt at 6.9. Newton has thrown eight touchdowns to four interceptions. He's also rushed for 225 yards and three scores through five games this season.

I, for one, would be really interested to see what Kelly could do with Cam.

Other offensive options could include interior offensive linemen Ryan Kalil or Trai Turner. Veteran tight end Greg Olsen is averaging the third most yards per reception at his position. He's also caught three touchdown passes.


The Panthers have a number of impressive players on defense. Given the way the Eagles' defense has been the strength of their team, however, I think it makes more sense to address Philadelphia's offense.

Last year, 65% of BGN voters said they'd take Luke Kuechly over Newton. There's no doubt Kuechly is a beast, and would be a fantastic addition to an already strong Eagles defense, but Philadelphia is already loaded at inside linebacker.

Panthers cornerback Josh Norman has really burst onto the scene this season with four interceptions. I'd imagine some would take him over Byron Maxwell right now.


If you were the Eagles, who would you take?