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Philadelphia Eagles are somehow in first place in the NFC East


Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles are in first place in the NFC East. Sounds crazy, right? After all, the Eagles aren't supposed to be here. Their season was over two weeks ago. Remember?

Yet here they are. After starting out the season 1-3, the Eagles have won their last two games, including a big Monday Night Football victory over the New York Giants. The Birds are now 2-3 in conference games and 1-2 in division games. That's certainly not awesome, but it could definitely be a lot worse. Thanks to a terrible NFC East division, the Eagles are still very much alive.

And at the same time, there's still plenty of reason to be legitimately worried about this Eagles team. Yeah, the defense looks really good. But the offense is still atrocious. It's hard to go far without a good quarterback and Sam Bradford couldn't be any less inspiring right now.

Maybe there's still hope for this team. Maybe they'll be able to get the offense turned around. Maybe not. Who knows. For now, they're in first place. This team easily could have folded after getting off to such a bad start. But they didn't. So at least there's that.

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