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Giants fan comes up with lame idea to try to troll the Eagles

With the Eagles and New York Giants scheduled to play a big game for first place in the NFC East on Monday Night Football in Philadelphia, one Giants fan thought it would be funny to drape a Giants jersey over the Rocky Statue.

This photo comes from former Giants punter Steve Weatherford. It was originally thought Weatherford was responsible for putting the jersey on Rocky, but he claims it wasn't him in the photo caption:

#RePost------------------------------------ #TeamWeatherford has invaded the city of brotherly love.... Can't wait to see my brothers get to work on #MNF
Photo Cred: @Teddyv28 via Twitter #NYG #Giants
(Just to clarify I was tagged in this photo, it was too good not to repost)
Keep it PG in the comments folks, kids read these

This is pretty lame. I mean, out of all Giants jerseys to pick from, why Steve Weatherford? First of all, he's a punter. Second, he wasn't even good enough to make the team this year. New York went out of their way to trade for a different punter so that they could cut the struggling Weatherford.

Last season, the Giants thought they were clever by stomping on the Eagles' logo prior to the start of the game. The G-Men lost that match by a final score of 27-0. The players weren't actually involved in this Rocky jersey thing, but this Giants fan is probably going to feel pretty dumb if New York loses.