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Chip Kelly is reportedly interested in the USC job, except he's totally not

Why is this still happening?

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

I hate that I have to address this, but here we are: NFL insider Ian Rapoport appeared on NFL Network on Sunday morning and said Eagles coach Chip Kelly is interested in the USC job.

... uh, guys? Are we ignoring the fact that Chip Kelly spoke this week and said no one from USC contacted him and/or his agent? Are we ignoring the fact Kelly said he has no interest in going back to college and wants to be able to win in the NFL long enough that these college rumors die down? Are we ignoring the report that Kelly told the Eagles he's not leaving? Are we ignoring the fact Kelly doesn't like boosters and recruiting? Are we ignoring the fact that Kelly recently bought a brand new house in the Philadelphia area?

Yes, I guess we are ignoring all of those relevant pieces of information.

So, yeah, Kelly is totally interested in USC. Except he's not.