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Philadelphia Eagles receive draft pick from Arizona Cardinals

Elsa/Getty Images

The Philadelphia Eagles are now officially set to receive a seventh round pick from the Arizona Cardinals in the 2016 NFL Draft. The Eagles are receiving this pick due to the Matt Barkley trade that took place in early September.

In exchange for sending Barkley to the Cardinals, the Eagles received a conditional seventh round pick. The condition involved Barkley being on Arizona's 53-man roster for six weeks of the 2015 NFL season. Now that the Cardinals' game day roster for this week is locked in, as Jimmy Kempski noted, Barkley has spent six weeks on the roster and the condition has been meet. Therefore, the Eagles will own Arizona's draft pick.

Getting a seventh round pick for Barkley was never a big deal, since that pick isn't likely to mean much in the end, but it's still better than nothing for the Eagles. And honestly, it's still surprising the Eagles got anything. Barkley had shown virtually no signs of promise and he was arguably outplayed by Tim Tebow this summer.

The addition of this pick from the Cardinals ensures the Eagles will have at least nine selections in the 2016 NFL Draft. Here's a recap of their picks.

Round Pick
1 Eagles pick
3 Eagles pick from Lions
3 Eagles pick
4 Eagles pick
5 Eagles pick
5* Eagles pick from Steelers
6 Eagles pick
7 Eagles pick
7 Eagles pick from Cardinals

A few additional notes:

The Eagles received a conditional draft pick from the Steelers in exchange for Brandon Boykin. Boykin has only played 13 defensive snaps in Pittsburgh, and the Eagles need him to play 60% of the Steelers' snaps in order for the pick to become a fourth round selection. If Boykin continues to not play, this pick will only be a 2016 fifth rounder.

The Eagles can also still receive a fourth round draft pick from the St. Louis Rams if Sam Bradford plays less than 50% of Philadelphia's offensive snaps. Bradford hasn't missed any snaps due to injury so far, and the Eagles certainly don't want to see him get hurt any time soon. If he continues to stay healthy, the Eagles won't get that pick.