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Maryland coaching rumors involve Eagles' Chip Kelly

Make it stop.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, look, it's another silly rumor connecting Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly back to college. This time, according to Don Markus of the Baltimore Sun, Maryland football could be trying to target Kelly.

"Among those being mentioned are two head coaches with ties to the Big Ten: first-year Houston coach Tom Herman, a former offensive coordinator at Ohio State, and Temple coach Matt Rhule, who played at Penn State under Joe Paterno. There is also a possibility that Maryland will make a run at Philadelphia Eagles coach Chip Kelly, sources said."

I don't doubt that Maryland has interest in Kelly. They absolutely should. But as we just said yesterday, there's no indication Kelly wants to go back to the college ranks. And especially to ... Maryland.

But apparently that won't stop Maryland president Wallace Loh from name-dropping Kelly during an interview with the editorial board of the Baltimore Sun.

"Harbaugh and Urban make seven million dollars a year. And Chip Kelly, who is not doing all that well with the Philadelphia Eagles, made far, far less than that at Oregon."

Yesterday, I asked: "Which college program will Kelly be wrongly linked to next?"

The answer turned out to be Maryland.