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Philadelphia Eagles offensive line is playing better because Lane Johnson made a sacrifice

The Philadelphia Eagles offensive line has mostly struggled this season, but the unit performed very well as a whole during the team's 39-10 victory over the New Orleans Saints in Week 5. The Eagles gained 519 yards of total offense, including 186 rushing yards.

So why did the offensive line improve so suddenly? If you ask starting right tackle Lane Johnson, the improvement might have taken place because a sacrifice was made. The sacrifice? Jason Kelce. Well, not actually him. But instead, this doll modeled after the team's starting center:

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""I honestly don't know," Johnson admitted. "I think Jason Peters or somebody put it up last week. We ended up winning, so I'm just going to keep it there."

"We had to make some sort of sacrifice to get something going," Johnson explained. "That's the closest thing we could get."

So ... yeah. Pretty weird. But considering how much the Eagles have struggled on offense, why not?

The Eagles might need some more doll sacrifices as they prepare to face the New York Giants this week on Monday Night Football. The G-Men rank tied for first (with the Eagles) when it comes to allowing the least amount of yards per rush attempt.