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NFL Power Rankings Roundup: Eagles on the rebound

Where do the Eagles rank around the web?

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Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Here is a weekly round-up of how various media outlets have ranked the Philadelphia Eagles in their NFL power rankings. After blowing out the New Orleans Saints, the Eagles are starting to rebound. Let's start by revisiting my ranking.

Bleeding Green Nation

17) Philadelphia Eagles - The Eagles have a point differential of +14, which ranks 12th overall in the NFL. It's the best of any team with a losing record. Philadelphia's defense looks strong, so if the offense can continue to play well the Eagles can be a good team. (LW: 23)

SB Nation

17) N/A (LW: 23)


15) DeMarco Murray gained 83 rushing yards in Week 5, 36 more than he had in his first three games combined. The Eagles are 2-0 this season when rushing for at least 100 yards as a team. (LW: 22)

18) I'm not moving Philly up over Washington, not after the Eagles lost there in Week 4. Yes, we are getting to the point where head-to-head matchups don't mean everything in these Power Rankings. But we need to see another week of solid play from this Eagles defense and DeMarco Murray to trust either. Murray still looks more effective running when not in that shotgun, though. How about six tackles, three sacks and two forced fumbles from Fletcher Cox? This dude is so underrated. (LW: 22)

CBS (Prisco)

17) They got the offense cranked up against the Saints. But they have to string a few games together before people start to believe again. (LW: 22)

CBS (Kirwan)

20) The Eagles offense has started to look more like a Chip Kelly team over the last six quarters, but the defense is in the bottom of the league in scoring defense and total yards. (LW: 25)


18) Giants at Eagles next Monday night is one of the more interesting matchups of the first half of the season. We'll have a much better read what direction the Eagles' season is headed after that. (LW: 20)

FOX Sports

18) The Eagles finally found their groove on offense in Week 5, to the tune of 519 total yards and 34 first downs, but give credit to the defense. Led by Fletcher Cox with three sacks and two forced fumbles, the Eagles made it impossible for Drew Brees to finish drives. It is the defense that will lead the way in 2015. (LW: 21)


17) If you didn't know who Fletcher Cox was before, you do now. 2 forced fumbles, 3 sacks, and 6 total tackles on the day helped the Eagles defense shut down Drew Brees and the Saints. While the ship isn't entirely righted yet, it's certainly a good sign going into a MNF showdown with the ever-lucky Giants and the lesser Manning. (LW: 21)


24) A win over the Saints will do little to quiet the chatter of Chip Kelly to USC. Either one of them. (LW: 27)

USA Today

20) Just imagine if DeMarco Murray (27 touches Sunday) was getting this kind of load all along. #FeedYourWorkhorseChip (LW: 24)

Business Insider

18) The Eagles offense finally got going on Sunday, racking up 39 points against the Saints. They could have scored even more, as Sam Bradford was picked off twice in the end zone. (LW: 22)


18) Finally. After a month of misfires, Chip Kelly's offense explodes for a huge day against the Saints, but not before two red zone picks by Sam Bradford. Bradford rallied for 333 yards and a pair of touchdown passes. (LW: 18)

Washington Post

16) Chip Kelly gets an at-least-temporary reprieve. But it was only the Saints. If the Eagles beat the Giants on Monday night, then they are a factor again in the division. (LW: 25)

Chicago Tribune

17) Let's see how far the Chip Kelly-to-USC rumors carry. (LW: 21)

Dallas Morning News

18) The Eagles are the league's worst offense at holding onto the football with an average time of possession of barely 25 minutes per game.



The rankings range from as high as 15 to as low as 24. 18 was the most common ranking. 18.0 is also the average ranking. That's over four spots up from last week's average ranking of 22.4.

The Eagles stopped the bleeding with a win over the Saints. Up next for Philadelphia is a big Monday Night Football game against the New York Giants. The Eagles can (sort of) move into first place in the NFC East with a win.