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Breaking: Fletcher Cox is really, really good

After dominating the Saints, former NFL player Stephen White is giving praise to the Eagles defensive lineman.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

I love Fletcher Cox. He is the Eagles' most valuable player and arguably one of the best defensive players in the NFL. However, he does not nearly get the recognition he deserves. On Sunday, Cox absolutely took over the Eagles win over the Saints. He had three sacks and two forced fumbles, constantly stifling the Saints offense and giving the Eagles opportunities to score. After his dominant performance, SB Nation's Stephen White gave Cox his Hoss of the Week Award. White waxes poetic about Cox's taking over the game and the residual impact he has on the rest of the defense, as well as how he was the biggest reason for the Eagles win.

On the first play of the very next drive, the Saints tried to go play action to take a shot down the field. Cox, lined up again at right defensive end across from young Mr. Peat, was fooled at first, but quickly diagnosed that the zone run block Peat was giving him was a fake. Cox hit the brakes and ripped to the outside of Peat where there was nothing between Cox and Brees but air and opportunity. This time Cox hit Brees with the hat trick: sack, caused fumble and the recovery ... all by his damn self!

His four sacks on the season lead the team and he basically keys the rest of the Eagles defense. After a great season last year, it looks like Cox is taking another step forward, which is great for the Eagles and awful for the rest of the league. If Cox can continue this level of play, it will be hard to move the ball against the Eagles defense the rest of the season.


Pro Football Focus shows a lot of love for Cox:

It's no surprise to see that Philadelphia's top defender was Cox. He is a beast. He finished with three sacks and two forced fumbles, making him the first Eagles player to ever do so in a game since sacks were first recorded in 1982. He's special. Cox also finished with six run stops.

Cox reflects on his performance, via BGN's Patrick Wall:

"It’s a whole bunch of excitement for me and for this team," Cox said following the Philadelphia Eagles39-17 win over the New Orleans Saints. "Three sacks is pretty big for me. I’m still smiling ear to ear. I can’t believe it. It’s a great thing. We got the win, which is most important thing, and let’s move on to next week."

Also check out Jimmy Kempski's film breakdown of Cox.